Success Stories from Renfrewshire Social Enterprise Network
Success Stories from Renfrewshire Social Enterprise Network

Success Stories from Renfrewshire Social Enterprise Network

10/05/2023 (Staff Post - Iain Cunningham )

Iain Cunningham, Social Enterprise Development Officer, shares the latest successes from the Renfrewshire Social Enterprise Network (RenSEN).

RenSEN is the local Social Enterprise network with over 120 registered members. Our focus is to support, promote and develop a strong collaborative network of community led organisations who are trading for community good.

We’re passionate about what our social enterprises and charities can achieve and the services and products they deliver.

Highlighted below are some of our members who have been successful with securing funding and support from Firstport in collaboration with our national support agency pathway Just Enterprise.

Klas Care 

Klas Care provide affordable and flexible child care. First-port have supported Klas Care from across their range of funding programmes including, Start it, Build it and most recently launch me where they received £60,000.00 pounds which was also used by Social Investment Scotland as match funding involving private sector investors. This match funding approach allowed Klas Care to renovate and extend the building that they operate their services from.

Read more: https://www.firstport.org.uk/case-studies/klas-care/

Jones & Us

Jones & Us is a social enterprise providing a bespoke personal training and sporting activities service.The service has accessibility at its core and aims to support those who struggle with their mental health and/or find traditional sporting methods inaccessible. First-port funding included the Star it fund and Build it, which allowed Jones & Us to set up and cover salary costs.

Read more: https://www.firstport.org.uk/case-studies/social-entrepreneurs-behind-the-enterprises-yohana-jones-jones-us/

Just Dive CIC

Just Dive CIC was founded by Laura Hamilton. The social enterprise provides an accessible and affordable scuba diving experience for all and to break down the barriers to those who would love to try scuba diving, but previously thought it was inaccessible to them. First-port supported them by providing funding to develop and sustain their idea via their Social Innovation Challenge programme with awards up to £50,000 in grant funding to support the development of the new social enterprise as well as tailored support to launch and implement the new social enterprise. 

Read more: https://www.firstport.org.uk/case-studies/just-dive-cic/


We hope these local award winners inspire you to take the next step on your social enterprise journey.

Want to find out more, become a member of RenSEN, contact info@engagerenfrewshire.com

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