Suddenly it struck me very clean, All wrapped up the same…
Suddenly it struck me very clean, All wrapped up the same…

Suddenly it struck me very clean, All wrapped up the same…

14/11/2023 (Staff Post - Alan McNiven )

Suddenly it struck me very clean, All wrapped up the same…

Now in their 19th year, the ROCCOs - Renfrewshire Chamber’s annual business awards - continue to shine a spotlight on excellence within the Renfrewshire business community. The upcoming ceremony, scheduled for this week, will unveil the well-deserved winners.

All of us at Engage Renfrewshire are delighted to support the ROCCOs as we believe that being nominated for a Community Champion award can be beneficial for any local charity, even if the organisation is already well-known for its good work and enjoys widespread recognition. The three brilliant shortlisted organisations this year - Active Communities Scotland, ROAR Connections for Life & the STAR Project - certainly fall into the category of being well known for delivering amazing outcomes.

I understand that some organisations within the Third Sector may have concerns in general with the celebratory nature of award ceremonies, however if participating can help promote your cause or increase your organisations visibility, it could be a great decision to pursue such an opportunity.

Being shortlisted for a ROCCO undoubtedly creates a moment of celebration for everyone associated with the organisation – staff, volunteers, and supporters alike. It also has the potential to inspire others to engage or contribute to the cause. A nomination for a Community Champion award certainly reflects positively on the community engagement fostered by each agency, and perhaps encourages a sense of positive public wellbeing among local residents who are seeing a local business making a significant impact.

So, I’d like to extend my best wishes to all the organisations and individuals shortlisted for the 17 awards to be presented this Friday. A special wish of luck of course goes to the three shortlisted Community Champions – they are truly making a difference.

Hopefully see some of you there!

All the best.


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