Trust in me, Just In Me…#TrusteesWeek
Trust in me, Just In Me…#TrusteesWeek

Trust in me, Just In Me…#TrusteesWeek

07/11/2023 (Staff Post - Alan McNiven )

Trust in me, Just In Me…#TrusteesWeek

Hey it’s Trustees week! Taking place from November 6th to November 10th, 2023, it is an annual occasion dedicated to acknowledging the incredible contributions made by the 250,000 trustees throughout the nation - and I’m very happy to start the celebration by thanking my own board here at Engage Renfrewshire.

The Board of Directors at Engage are central to ensuring the organisation's commitment to its charitable mission, and the guidance and leadership provided by them is playing a pivotal role in shaping the organisation's efficiency. Put simply their input enriches our decision-making.

Having an experienced, varied, and strong group of trustees is a great position to be in - experienced directors can bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, helping the charity navigate complex issues. A diverse board can contribute different perspectives and can help identify and mitigate risks effectively. They can also anticipate potential challenges, helping the officers in the charity to protect the delivery, and continue to make positive impacts on the community that it serves.

Being a trustee can give you a chance to help but also to learn - having served as a trustee in the past, I can attest that it can be an incredibly rewarding experience, though it may seem daunting at first. Even if you have great experience in the area of the charity's mission, it's important to recognise that we all start as learners, and the journey of serving as a trustee is a continuous process of growth and contribution.

But if you fancy it, I’d say give it a go - there’s always great training available. Our governance and committee skills training is a great place to start:


All the best


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