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helping to create and maintain partnerships and find new ways of working to bring new resources into Renfrewshire

About Engage Renfrewshire

Engage Renfrewshire is a Third Sector Interface (TSI); this means that we support local charities and other not-for-profit groups, so that they can do even more of what they’re good at. We empower organisations to be safe, resourceful and effective, and to grow and develop their services - meaning our communities are inclusive and aspirational.

We represent the third sector at a community planning level, provide an organisational hub, and offer financial services for individuals and organisations through our social enterprise Engage Finance. Furthermore, the Community And Voluntary Action Team work directly with local organisations and charities to increase their knowledge, resources and funding and to promote the services of our member organisations.

  • Helping charities and community groups to be well managed, well resourced, well represented and well connected
  • Supporting social enterprise start up
  • Helping more organisations work collaboratively
  • Ensuring the voice of our network is heard & understood by decision makers and funders
  • Providing practical and responsive financial support
  • Building a strong culture of volunteering that strengthens local organisations, enhances health & promotes life chances
  • Working with public and private sectors to ensure we’re making the most of our resources
  • Helping to create & maintain partnerships and find new ways of working to bring resources into Renfrewshire
About Engage Renfrewshire

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