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helping to create and maintain partnerships and find new ways of working to bring new resources into Renfrewshire

About Engage Renfrewshire

Engage Renfrewshire is a third sector interface (TSI); this means that we support local charities and other not-for-profit groups. Now in its 12th year Engage Renfrewshire support local organisations to be well managed, well resourced, well represented and well connected.

Engage Renfrewshire provides advice and support to all community focussed groups who want to start up or develop further. We support social enterprises, community development trusts, charitable groups, mutual aid groups and more.

We help groups to build capacity and to be safe, by providing information, advice and training for everything from charitable structures to funding.

We have a comprehensive volunteering service. We support volunteer involving organisations with recruitment and volunteer support, and work with individuals to find them rewarding and uplifting volunteer opportunities. We also work with local charities and public sector bodies to promote volunteering for all.

Our financial services social enterprise, Engage Finance, offers payroll, HR and financial services to individuals and organisations in Renfrewshire and beyond.

Our space in Ferguslie Park is a community hub where we host training and networking opportunities as well as hosting other third sector organisations and charities.

We are part of local community planning and actively support collaborative working with the public and private sectors to ensure that people and services are working together, in the most effective way possible.

We support and advise many community agendas across Renfrewshire including Renfrewshire’s Health and Social Care Partnership, Local Employability Partnership, Future Paisley, RenSEN (Renfrewshire Social Enterprise Network), and Renfrewshire’s Youth Work Network.

About Engage Renfrewshire

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