Don't know why, don't know why, Things vaporise and rise to the sky…
Don't know why, don't know why, Things vaporise and rise to the sky…

Don't know why, don't know why, Things vaporise and rise to the sky…

29/09/2023 (Staff Post - Alan McNiven )

My left knee has been giving me jip… But I’ve kind of reached that stage where if it’s not hanging off it’ll probably survive a wee jog. As I’ve mentioned (!) I like a wee therapeutic run. I find it’s very good for my own wellbeing and I enjoy that it forces me outdoors, especially when the weather is not at its best. Anyway, personally I think running in the summer is great, but it’s running in the autumn months that I like best.

I recently embarked on a run during what could only be described as a torrential monsoon. Enormous puddles had gathered along the roadside, and, as luck would have it, passing vehicles made sure to shower me with water – did they accelerate through the puddles intentionally? Who can say?... Rainwater cascaded down from the embankments nearby, and at times, I had to employ a delicate technique to navigate the streams forming across the pavements. Essentially, I found myself tip-toeing like an uncertain Bambi. Despite the challenges, it was an enjoyable and memorable experience. Running in adverse weather conditions can be a unique and memorable experience, and it often feels good to embrace the unexpected elements of nature – of course remembering to stay safe and watch out for traffic when running in such conditions! Anything that you enjoy in the outdoors can I’m sure help with your personal wellbeing.

Today marks the launch of the third year of the Renfrewshire Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund, and we're on the lookout for exceptional ideas that can enhance local well-being. I firmly believe that promoting sound mental health should be a shared goal for everyone. Perhaps you can devise a plan to encourage people to spend more time outdoors but as we persist in confronting life's challenges, the simple act of being there for one another perhaps remains our greatest resource. Whether it's a brief phone conversation, a leisurely stroll with a friend, or even a slow, rain-soaked run, our collective efforts can perhaps help forge more resilient, interconnected communities. Together, we can make a difference. Just remember to wear your waterproofs…

For more on the fund click here

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