Happy St. David's Day
Happy St. David's Day

Happy St. David's Day

01/03/2024 (Staff Post - Alan McNiven )

Following the completion of my doctoral studies I’ve been continuing with some of my own research on third sector issues. I’ve written recently with a colleague & friend at Glasgow Caledonian University who hails from the Celtic nation of Wales and in a message to me yesterday he was suggesting that with St David’s Day on the horizon he may have to indulge in some Welsh cakes to ‘power through’ some work. Now I’ve never been to Wales – a situation I hope to rectify - but thanks to Alice McBride, our very own secret Cymraes here at Engage, we have been exposed to the delights of Welsh cakes, laverbread and the one and only Bara brith.  Bara brith is a traditional Welsh tea bread flavoured with tea, dried fruits and spices - and is excellent. Sort of like the very Scottish ‘clootie dumpling’ in my opinion and superb with a wee bit of butter. If you get a chance please try it – you’ll not be disappointed!

Clootie dumpling and Bara brith aside Scotland and Wales have to me a lot in common - our stunning landscapes with rugged coastlines, our rich cultural traditions of literature and folklore and our histories which intertwine with the Celtic people who settled in the British Isles. We are all settlers from somewhere right? Scotland and Wales have increasingly diverse populations, with people from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds contributing to their societies. Both nations have historically welcomed immigrants and refugees, recognising the contributions they bring to their communities, economies, and cultures. This welcoming attitude which these Celtic nations have shown throughout their histories is evident I think in today’s broader trend for openness, acceptance and social support.

Supporting ‘new Celts’ in Renfrewshire we have the fabulous IN-Ren network - a forum aiming to ensure that ethnically diverse communities’ voices are heard and involved in local services and decisions. Maybe you’d be the right person to support this network? Or maybe you know someone? - please share!

Vacancy – IN-REN Support Officer


Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! (thank you Alice for the translation services!)

All the best


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