Renfrewshire Third Sector Asylum Seeker Network - 26 July 2023
Renfrewshire Third Sector Asylum Seeker Network - 26 July 2023

Renfrewshire Third Sector Asylum Seeker Network - 26 July 2023

01/08/2023 (Staff Post )

The first Renfrewshire Third Sector Asylum Seeker Network meeting took place on 26th July 2023 following on from previous networking activities organised by Engage Renfrewshire and Mears to coordinate support for asylum seeker integration in Renfrewshire.  As such, the Renfrewshire Third Sector Asylum Seeker Network is co-chaired by Engage and Mears, and aims to create a network of support and partnership opportunities to aid the lived experience of asylum seekers residing across the local authority area.  Given recent media on this issue, the Network is a timely opportunity to explore ways to draw support, while working together to meet key needs and promote the personal development of asylum seekers.

Voluntary organisations were encouraged to attend if they were already supporting asylum seekers or looking to engage more by gaining insights and information, developing links and accessing existing resources and supports. The initial meeting attracted a good response from local third sector organisations who attended along with Mears, Migrant Help, Engage Renfrewshire, and Renfrewshire Council staff.  Attendees at the meeting briefed us on their current activities ranging from sports, arts, culture, and heritage initiatives.  We then began discussions to identify ways to better support asylum seekers and each other. This resulted in a number of connections made and organisations offering support in arts and sports activity as well as assistance in sourcing essential supplies for asylum seekers.  

Despite the success of the meeting, a great deal of work remains and this is just the first step on a long journey. Future meetings will run quarterly and seek to implement actions identified by the Network. The next meeting is scheduled for 31st October 2023, and if you or your organisation would like to attend, or for more information please contact info@engagerenfrewshire.com.

IN-Ren (Integration Network Renfrewshire) aims to Improve awareness and access to health, employment and related areas available to ethnically diverse communities of Renfrewshire. For more information click here.

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