New and raring to go…
New and raring to go…

New and raring to go…

13/04/2023 (Staff Post - Jane Hamilton )

I’ll start by introducing myself, I am Jane, and I am the new Funding and Organisation Development Officer at Engage Renfrewshire. I have 8 years’ experience volunteering and working in the Third Sector in Renfrewshire. I have a background in accounts, hospitality, and a degree in Human Resource Management. Threaded through all of my work experience has been my passion to help and connect with people.

I was asked to write a short blog, (something I’ve never done before) reflecting on my first few weeks in my new role. My first thought was…”Eek!”. But once I got over the initial panic, I thought about how I could use this opportunity to try something new, and to let the network know what my role is, and how I can help, and maybe develop a new skill along the way.

My role at Engage Renfrewshire is to support the network with opportunities for growth, and sustainability through identifying funding, providing training, and underpinning good governance to support the Third Sector organisations in Renfrewshire to flourish. The team here at Engage have given me a warm and encouraging welcome, and I am in awe of the wealth of skills and knowledge I have to draw on from my new colleagues.

Equally, I am blown away by the variety of groups and organisations in the community providing opportunities for people. I have lived in Renfrewshire my whole life and I have always been proud of my hometown, but my short time at Engage has opened my world to the enthusiastic, committed, and compassionate people who volunteer and work to change lives.

My move to Engage Renfrewshire will allow me to bring my enthusiasm for helping people, and my knowledge and experience of working in the Third Sector together, while also giving me to opportunity to learn and grow, and I am excited for what lies ahead.

If you would like talk about any funding or development opportunities, please get in touch, I would love to use my skills to guide you to the best opportunities for your service.  

Email - jhamilton@engagerenfrewshire.com 

Mobile - 07841426511

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