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Digiren Network

DigiRen Network

In the DigiRen network, there is a shared enthusiasm for harnessing the power of digital in our endeavors. We firmly believe that each of us, serving as Digital Champions, plays a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for digital inclusion initiatives. Our goal is to aid individuals in navigating the online realm, acquiring essential digital skills, and promoting internet safety.

Everyone is welcome to the DigiRen network – if you’re interested get in touch - info@engagerenfrewshire.com


DigiRen Meetings

Most of the DigRen meetings take place on line – and we keep them short! We know that online meeting can be challenging - we aim for all our meetings to be inclusive and we make sure that:

✅ A clear agenda is included in the meeting invite and at the beginning of the meeting

✅ Camera on/camera off – it’s up to you!

✅ Everyone is encouraged to accommodate their own sensory needs e.g. standing or moving around

✅ The meeting is kept on track and on time

✅ Meeting norms are communicated to all participants

✅ There is an option to input to the meeting before or afterwards, as well as during

✅ We seek to communicate a clear ‘wrap up’ and any next steps!


Digiren Meeting Dates 2024

Digiren meetings take place every 8 weeks on Thursdays 10am to 11am.

Here are the dates for 2024:

  • 28 March
  • 23 May
  • 18 July
  • 12 September
  • 07 November

Please contact Ross McNicol - ross.mcnicol@renfrewshire.gov.uk for the Teams link if you would like to be included. 

Members of the DigiRen Network

Alan McNiven - Co-chair of the DigiRen NetworkAlan McNiven - Co-chair of the DigiRen Network

Hi – Alan here - My fascination with digital technology arises from my initial lack of understanding. What I mean is that while I recognise the incredible benefits of digital advancements, there are times when I feel inexperienced in the digital realm. The DigiRen network provides me with a valuable opportunity to stay informed about new developments and ideas. It also connects me with individuals who possess a deeper understanding of how to adopt and implement the necessary technology. It's an excellent environment for both learning and sharing insights!

Ross McNichol - Co-chair of the DigiRen NetworkRoss McNichol - Co-chair of the DigiRen Network

My role is all about helping Renfrewshire tenants to get online and make the best use of digital technologies. It can be confusing for people to navigate the many digital options available out there so I try to make things understandable, and I often learn something new along the way. I assist with in-person training alongside raising digital awareness and policy through events and information sessions. The DigiRen Network has been invaluable for this digital outreach and helped support inclusion for the residents of Renfrewshire, by tackling the digital divide - all thanks to the incredible community behind it.

James McKee - Co-chair of the DigiRen NetworkJames McKee - Co-chair of the DigiRen Network

Hi Everyone 👋, James here.  I have always been very inquisitive and not long after leaving school (many years ago), I owned my first computer (a Packard Bell 333mhz processor 🙊).  Within a matter of hours of setting it up, I did something to it which meant it no longer worked (to this day, I still don’t know what I did 🤷‍♂️).  This is where my digital inclusion journey began.

Around the same time, I became a “Computer Buddy” within my local Library and found this role very beneficial as it helped me better understand the challenges people faced getting online.  It was also a very rewarding role and fantastic seeing people’s confidence grow and the look on their face when they opened their first document, created their first poster or logged onto the internet for the first time.

The DigiRen Network is an incredible group of like-minded individuals and organisations that all share a common interest of promoting and enabling digital inclusion across Renfrewshire – almost like a Digital Inclusion family.  It provides a safe space for organisations to share learning, support and help each other whilst also promoting cross-sector collaboration and deliver outcomes for our communities, which really excites me!


Get safe Online

March 08 2024 is International Women’s Day (IWD 2024), which Get Safe Online plans to mark by organising and hosting a global keynote webinar to champion and celebrate women working in cybersecurity.

The hour-long event will showcase women who are making a difference in what has traditionally been a male-dominated sector, by recounting their stories. Our panellists will reflect on the case studies – explaining why they find them inspirational – and explore what further work needs to be done to enable and encourage more women to follow their example with careers in cybersecurity … an industry notorious for a global skills shortage. 

We would love you to ‘put the date in your diary’ and join us as we hear inspiring women from around the world share their pivotal role in online security.  

Date: Friday 08 March 2024

Time: 2.30pm (GMT)

Register to attend HERE

The event will represent a key element of our work in helping communities and businesses around the world to use the internet with safety and confidence. Supported by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, it will very closely reflect the theme of IWD 2024: ‘Inspire Inclusion’. 

It will be followed closely by the publication of a white paper which includes the case studies, commentary and opinions.

Intergenerational Connections in a Digital World - thinking about digital projects

This session is FREE with spaces limited to 20 each workshop. Book your space soon.

Whether it is working with a group of primary school children to interview older people about changes in their community or how to make soup or art or anything really. It gives everyone a chance to be involved and connect with each other, share stories about life.

It isn’t a one-way street, older people will be learning, maybe technical skills or digital photography, and younger people may learn about interacting with older people and other skills, but the main thing is that they may be forming relationships with someone from a different generation through the medium of digital.

This session aim to build your own confidence in digital skills and show how using digital to connect generations can have some powerful lasting results. The session will look at stages in:

  • Planning an Intergenerational Digital connection – how to plan, where to start, how to connect, how to involve (purpose and Methodology).
  • Materials – what you may require.
  • Decision on subject and design – is it training in digital, is it use of digital to connect, is it filming?
  • Case Studies – we will cover some case studies which may help you with your own journey.
  • Accessibility- things to think about to make the sessions open to all (linking in with Abiltynet )
  • Challenges – Discuss with potential partners including a ‘round table’ planning session

Facilliated by Bella Kerr

Thursday 14 March 2024, 1:30pm - 3:00pm

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