Just Enterprise -Budgeting for your organisation
Just Enterprise -Budgeting for your organisation

Just Enterprise -Budgeting for your organisation


  1.30pm - 3.30pm

In enterprise it’s critical to know how to manage money, in fact budgeting is the cornerstone of any organisation’s financial planning and reporting. A well prepared budget is an essential tool for demonstrating your organisation’s financial competence to your board, and to potential funders. 

This practical workshop will teach you how to construct both an income & expenditure budget and a cash flow budget, and will highlight the differences between them. During the course you will also explore and discuss key budget issues and will have the opportunity to ask budgeting questions relevant to your organisation. Further practical leaning will include how to adapt your budget for use in a funding application. 

For you if:

  • you are or will be involved in the budgeting process
  • you need to learn budgeting skills
  • you need to include budgets and financial planning in funding applications


This course is fully funded and there is no charge to participants


Tuesday 24th May 2022 – 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm


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