CHEX National Conference 2024
CHEX National Conference 2024

CHEX National Conference 2024


  10am - 3.30pm

The annual CHEX conference is a chance to come together to share practice, ideas and learn from each other as we work to ensure community-led health can continue to play its vital role.

Throughout the last year we've seen amazing examples of community-led health organisations supporting their communities through a cost-of-living crisis and some of the most difficult times since the pandemic struck.

In 2024, these issues remain at the forefront - with high inflation and a public sector funding crisis meaning community-led health organisations are facing tougher conditions and even more demand.

But how do we continue to build momentum, tackle burn out and ensure that, while we face challenging funding environments, preventative and community-led approaches continue to be prioritised and resourced?

Through engaging speakers and participative workshops, this event will explore these pressing issues faced by the sector, all while showing why now is the time to really focus on community-led health.

As always, the conference will also act as a chance for us to hear from you about what support you need to help inform CHEX's priorities over the coming year.

Please sign up for the conference using the form and do let us know if you have an idea for a workshop you’d like to run. We are still working on the final programme and are keen to hear from people who would like to use a workshop to share their knowledge and experiences in community-led health.

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