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Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope

We support people who have or have had a cancer diagnosis or someone who is caring for a loved one with cancer.

We offer physical and emotional support by offering a wide list of activities from Gentle exercise, Exercise workout, Men only Exercise, Creative Writing Class, Crafts, Art Class, Community Choir to taking part in our Hope Course which will help you emotionally whether you have just started this journey or whether it is at an end, we also have our own Psychotherapist should you want 1:1 emotional support.  There is something for everyone at Rays of Hope and our doors are also open and the kettle on boil all day.


Shortly coming………. With the recruitment of our very own Wellbeing & Fitness Co-ordinator we shall shortly be introducing  a wider range of physical activities including water aerobics whereby we will have the use of the swimming pool, at the Hub in Johnstone, maybe even get those cowboy hats out for some Line Dancing that everyone’s asking for………!

Contact Details:

Linda O'Malley
The Rainbow Centre, 27 Byres Road, Elderslie, PA5 9AQ
Rays of Hope

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