Jones and Us
Jones and Us

Jones and Us

Jones & Us strives to bring strength and unity to the community through sports. What drives us is the adrenaline we get through sporting activities even just talking about sport and physical activity that keeps you fit and rejuvenates your brain gets us giddy. Jones & Us team believe that everyone no matter ability or disability, gender, race, religion, outlook on life. The organization will run Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 3 times per week, the organisation it will be running the following

One on one sessions based on personal training program

  • Group sports session football, basketball, handball and badminton
  •  Nutrition workshop run (twice a month)
  • Workshops will be running twice a month this is an opportunity to explore the sporting world from \different angles and to delve in the mystery of physical fitness and everyday challenges.

Contact Details:

Yoko Jones
53 Bank Street, Paisley, PA1 1LP
Jones and Us

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