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Johannes Gonani

Member of the Forum & Project Coordinator-(WSREC) Operations Manager-Pachedu.

What do you do within the organisation?

Project Coordinator-(WSREC) Operations Manager-Pachedu


Organisation aims/accomplishments & which communities your organisation is empowering


At WSREC we have a diverse range of projects promoting good relations, reducing isolation and challenging discrimination. We run a drop in service and advice surgery for the Central and Eastern European residents. Through our training and consultancy we offer tailor-made community engagement packages, research in diverse communities within the West of Scotland and bespoke training on the Equality Act, diversity and human rights.

Pachedu works with diverse minority ethnic groups across a broad range of protected characteristics according to Equality Act 2010. Paisley aims to increase the capacity of diverse minorities to be more visible and pro-active in shaping their communities through partnership with various sectors to reduce inequalities for BAME communities by promoting diversity, tolerance and dignity for humanity.

Our objectives include:
• Reducing isolation
• Promoting cultural diversity and equality of opportunity
• Bridging generational and diverse cultural backgrounds
• Enhancing the capacity of minority ethnic communities to advance their socio-economic activities.


How can people connect with your organisation?

WSREC - https://www.wsrec.co.uk; 01413376626, jgonani@wsrec.co.uk
Pachedu - johannes.gonani@pachedu.org
https://www.facebook.com/pachedu.org http://pachedu.org

Johannes Gonani
Johannes Gonani

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