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Claire Masson

Member of the Forum & Partnership Lead, Save the Children

What do you do within the organisation?

I have a focus on community programmes and participation. I work with local partnerships to generate learning and experience and how to create innovation and practice development to tackle child poverty at a local level


Organisation aims/accomplishments & which communities your organisation is empowering

At Save the Children we work to understand what matters to children and families living on low incomes and provide them with opportunities to advocate on those issues. We work with partners to innovate, develop and test interventions to find out what works best to empower families to support their children in early childhood. We share our insights, learning and evidence to support policy and practice change, brief decision-makers and run campaigns.


How can people connect with your organisation?


Save the Children Website - Scotland


Who are you outside work?

Mum of two small children and it is through them that I feel more impassioned to advocate for better childhood experiences for all. I’m a terrible cook but offer great recommendations to eat-out.

Claire Masson
Claire Masson

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