Just Enterprise - Writing for the Web
Just Enterprise - Writing for the Web

Just Enterprise - Writing for the Web


  10am - 12pm

Contrary to poplar belief, the written word is still going strong, but the way we, and our customers, use websites and digital content has dramatically changed over recent years. In this interactive workshop you’ll learn the importance of crafting relevant, attention-grabbing and accurate content on your social enterprise’s website and social media channels.

During the session you’ll identify and include critical keywords on your website, words which match your organisation’s objectives and help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). You’ll also be introduced to some of the digital content marketing tools available and how to use them to improve your website’s written content. You’ll learn how to create content which is appealing to your core client base  and also discover tools which will help you monitor the effectiveness of your website.

For you if:

  • you will be writing content for your organisation’s website and/or social media
  • you supervise or influence your organisation’s online presence
  • you want a better understanding of SEO and marketing tools for digital platforms
  • you want to create written content which attracts your target client base

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