Foundations of Branding: A Brand Definition Workshop
Foundations of Branding: A Brand Definition Workshop

Foundations of Branding: A Brand Definition Workshop


  10.30am - 11.30am

As part of our ongoing Business Support Programme, Engage Renfrewshire has enlisted graphic designer and brand strategy specialist, Adam Piggot, to deliver his Brand Definition Workshop ‘Foundations of Branding’ for our members.

The workshop will take place via Zoom on Thursday 12 May. The session will open at 10.15am and the workshop will run from 10.30am till 11.30am. It’s completely free of charge.

This workshop has been specially developed for social enterprises and common good organisations. It’s designed to help you stand out, engage and connect with the people you need to reach.


Synopsis & Learning Outcomes

The session introduces Brand Themes and Brand Traits – two simple principles that will help you develop a clear, distinctive and engaging brand voice across all your communication channels.

• Discover how to identify the Brand Themes and Brand Traits for your organisation.

• Learn how to use them to ensure your message is told clearly, consistently and correctly across all platforms.

• Understand how they can help you assess the effectiveness of your communication materials.

• Find out how they can be used to guide strategic decisions, align thinking and solve problems in all areas of your organisation.


The Presenter

• The workshop will be led by Adam Piggot.

• Adam is a Glasgow-based graphic designer who specialises in Brand-led Strategy & Design for the Common Good.

• He also regularly delivers workshops around brand, identity and visual communication for TSIs, social enterprises, charities and community groups across Scotland.

• Adam currently sits on the board of Glasgow Social Enterprise Network (GSEN), where he’s also an Associate Member.

• You can find out more about Adam and see examples of his work at adampiggot.com


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