Being a Parent Autism
Being a Parent Autism

Being a Parent Autism


  18.30 - 19.45pm


This course is aimed at parents with children of any age that has a diagnosis or not for Autism.  

The EPEC Being a Parent – Autism course focuses on: The experience of being a parent of a child affected by Autism, their family and siblings Understanding their child and the ways in which they are affected by Autism Encouraging positive communication, interaction and play with children Everyday strategies and routines to influence development and manage the effects of Autism on children Ways to manage behaviour and meet children’s needs Preventing, managing and recovering from meltdowns. BAP – Autism is designed to provide accessible, enjoyable and effective community-based parenting support for parents of children affected by Autism. Like other EPEC programmes, BAP – Autism is designed to promote children’s development and skills, reduce child and family difficulties, improve parent confidence, skills and satisfaction, as well as improve social and community connectedness. 

Families coming to courses may be at different stages in their journey. Some families may have recently received confirmation that their child has Autism. While other families may be several years into life following their child’s diagnosis, joining a community-based group like EPEC connects the dots and aids community understanding and connections.

Contact - epeclinwood@gmail.com or by phone 01505331931  

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