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RenSEN Newsletter - 12 December

Social Enterprise News

The Heritage Lottery Fund has commissioned a briefing paper on how heritage organisations are using AI (Artificial Intelligence) – read more here


Sharing Success

Want to share a good news story? Contact Iain Cunningham or Tania Morlan and we’ll include it in the next RenSEN e-bulletin!


RenSEN - Renfrewshire's Social Enterprise Network

We’ll publish RenSEN meeting dates for 2024 in the New Year, so watch this space.  In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for content or guest speakers just let us know by emailing Iain Cunningham or Tania Morlan

Dates for your diary


What’s Your Ask? What’s Your Offer 

We’re updating the list of Asks and Offers.  However, you can still view the current list by visiting the Engage Renfrewshire website

To have your Ask/Offer added or updated, please contact Iain Cunningham (Engage Renfrewshire) or Tania Morlan (Renfrewshire Council) and we’ll include it on the listing. 


Partners Wanted 

Are you looking to collaborate with other organisations? Why not use this space to connect with potential project partner organisations!



Social Enterprise Learning 

Social Enterprise Learning Webinars (for social enterprises at all stages)

Enhancing Digital Skills
13 December – How to build a digital marketing plan (online / Business Gateway)
21 December – Introduction to business websites (online / Business Gateway)
09 January – Producing engaging online content (online / Business Gateway)
11 January – Blogging for business (online / Business Gateway)
24 January – Planning and scheduling online content (online / Business Gateway)
31 January – Facebook for business (online / Business Gateway)
Other links and resources
Third Sector Lab – provide digital training to third sector organisations.  You can subscribe to receive their training updates here.
Social media for business (online tutorial / Business Gateway)
Producing engaging digital content (online tutorial / Business Gateway)
Digital marketing strategy (online tutorial / Business Gateway)
Digital Strategy – Watch-again webinar from Third Sector Lab
Cyber resilience and practical tips – online resource from ACOSVO

Governance & Leadership
25 January 2024 – Guide to good governance: Effective Board meetings (online / SCVO) Fees apply
01 February 2024 – Guide to good governance: Defining Strategy Culture and Values (online / SCVO) Fees apply
08 February 2024 – Guide to good governance: Board and Staff Relationships (online / SCVO)  Fees apply

Other links and resources
Leadership coaching sessions online (Social Enterprise Academy)
Online resources for Chairs of Boards (ACSVO)
Governance Health-check for Chairs – online resource (ACOSVO and Turcan Connell)
The Informed Trustee is an online course which can be completed over 50 hours of self-directed study.  Follow this link to find the STEP Informed Trustee programme
Third Sector Governance Forum – has range of information for leaders of voluntary sector organisations including Board Behaviour and guidance for Board Meetings
5 tips to improve Board effectiveness – PDF / East Primetimers Foundation
Becoming a SCIO – an online guide (OSCR)
Trustee Duties – an online guide (OSCR)
Take SCVO’s Good Governance Check-up to find ways to improve your organisation’s governance
The Scottish Governance Code
Employee wellbeing – an online tutorial (Business Gateway)
Advertise volunteer opportunities including vacancies for Trustees (Volunteer Scotland)
Dos and Donts of incorporating a CIC  - Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies
Setting up a CIC – Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies
CIC forms and step by step guides – Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies

Social Enterprise Essentials
10 January – Low cost guide to marketing your business (online / Business Gateway)
23 January 2024 – Introduction to data protection and GDPR (online / SCVO) Fees apply
31 January 2024 – Writing a successful funding application (online / School for Social Entrepreneurs) Fees apply
06 and 07 February 2024 – Getting started with fundraising (online / School for Social Entrepreneurs) Fees apply
19 February 2024 – Plan, measure and report social impact (online / SCVO) Fees apply
28 February 2024 – Introduction to Safeguarding (online / SCVO) Fees apply
05 and 06 March 2024 – Developing a fundraising strategy (online / School for Social Entrepreneurs) Fees apply
12 March 2024 – Social enterprise legal structures (online / Just Enterprise)
20 March 2024 – Writing a successful funding application (online / School for Social Entrepreneurs) Fees apply
Other links and resources 
Contingency planning (online tutorial / Business Gateway)
Bringing your idea to life (online tutorial / Business Gateway)
Marketing (online tutorial / Business Gateway)
Renting business premises (online guide / Business Gateway)
Choosing business premises (online guide / Business Gateway)
Market research for start-ups (video / Just Enterprise)
Which policies do you need (video for start-ups / Just Enterprise)
An introduction to branding (for start-ups) (video / Just Enterprise)
Developing your brand story (PDF / Social Enterprise Academy)

Business Planning
Pre-recorded Tutorials
Business planning (online tutorial / Business Gateway)
Boost your opportunities with a sustainability strategy (Blog / Supplier Development Programme

Income Generation/Procurement
08 January – How to generate and increase income (online / Business Gateway)
23 January – Charitable Trading (online / Just Enterprise)
24 January 2024 – Finding new customers and making more sales (online / School for Social Entrepreneurs) Fees apply
01 – 02 February 2024 – Building trading income (online / School for Social Entrepreneurs) Fees apply
08 February – Establishing a trading subsidiary (online / Just Enterprise)
27 February and 06 March 2024 – How to win contracts and service level agreements (online / SCVO) Fees apply
29 February – Introduction to e-commerce (online / Just Enterprise)
06 March 2024 – How to find and bid for opportunities using Public Contract Scotland (PCS) (online / Supplier Development Scotland)
20 March – Charitable Trading (online / Just Enterprise)
24 April 2024 – Finding new customers and making more sales (online / School for Social Entrepreneurs) Fees apply
Other links and resources
Charities and Trading – online guide / OSCR
This online article from NCVO addresses ways to increase or change your income
Procurement Support for social enterprises / e-learning programme (Supplier Development Scotland)
Trading online – What you need to know (online guide / Business Gateway)
Routes to market for goods/services provided by Supported Businesses (Article / Supplier Development Programme)
Creating a Single Procurement Document on PCS (video / Supplier Development Scotland)
Public Contract Scotland User Guides can be found here
How do I get selected for a Quick Quote (PDF guide / Supplier Development Scotland)
What is a supplier alert profile? (PDF guide / Supplier Development Scotland)
Supplying to the public sector (PDF guide / Supplier Development Scotland)

Business Finance
18 December – Essentials of bookkeeping (online / Business Gateway)
Other links and resources
Increase your profitability - (online guide / Business Gateway)
Charity accounting – online guide / OSCR


Starting a social enterprise? – Learning webinars for Start-ups

15 January – Social business modelling and scaling (online / School for Social Entrepreneurs)
30 January – Introduction to business planning (online / Just Enterprise)
22 February – Finance workshop for start-ups (in-person Glasgow / Just Enterprise)
22 February – Cashflow tutorial for start-ups (in-person Glasgow / Just Enterprise)
12 March – Start-up Workshop: Legal structures for social enterprises (online / Just Enterprise)
20 March – Tutorial: Board skills audit (online / Just Enterprise)

Firstport Start-up Support – Looking for advice to start your social enterprise? Check out Firstport support programmes or take their quiz to find out where to start.

E-learning for start-ups / Steps to Start-Up programme – This online Just Enterprise course is aimed at start-up social entrepreneurs/ There are eight modules for you to complete at your own pace (total time commitment is 8 hours).  Topics include how to: test your idea, design your business model, successfully launch your new social enterprise. Places on the course are fully funded (therefore no cost to participants).  There’s also a short video about the course on the Just Enterprise webpage.  Booking details can be found here.

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