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Our Children - 30 January

Hello all,
And welcome to our first Our Children Network newsletter of 2024. We have lots of information to share with you this month, so I’ll keep the chat to a minimum.

Our next network meeting will be held on Wednesday 28 February, 10am – 12pm, at KLAS Care CIC, Janitors House, East Fulton PS, Gilmartin Road, Linwood, PA3 3SG. Invitations, along with the agenda will follow shortly.

As always, we appreciate your input and feedback. If there is anything you would like shared with the network please contact Jane – jhamilton@enagerenfrewshire.com


Opportunity for Care Experienced young people

Opportunity for Care Experienced young people in Renfrewshire to get involved in an upcoming event at Youth Services, or nominate a young person to receive a gift. If you have any questions about this, please speak to Siobhan - siobhan.gray@renfrewshire.gov.uk
Youth Services are excited to deliver their annual LOVE2WEEK which takes place this year on Monday 12 February until Friday 16th February (Care Day).

This week was co-designed with young people as part of our Community Empowerment project back in 2020 in response to the needs of young people. Love2Week is a week filled with youth work workshops offered to our members, youth celebrations planned by young people for young people and Renfrewshire wide giveaways. At Love2Week we focus on the themes developed by young people - Love2Lead, Love2Learn and Love2Care to support to young people to gain confidence in leadership, to gain new skills, to take part in fun social experiences and to be provided with the tools to practise selfcare at home.

Focusing on the Love2Care theme our Promise Champs would like to offer Care-Experienced young people living in Renfrewshire (of ages aged 8 -15 or 16-24 ) the chance to receive a FREE Love2Care gift bag filled with lots of selfcare items, feel good goodies, plus an invitation to sign up for future Promise Champ workshops and experiences.

We would like to distribute these gift bags during Youth Services Love2week which takes place Monday 12th February until Friday 16th February (Care Day).

Youth Services Promise Keepers have offered to support deliveries during this week and to deliver workshops or meet with Care Experienced young people if welcomed to do so.

To achieve this, we ask for your support to nominate Care-Experienced young people to receive a Love2Care gift by completing the Microsoft form below before Wednesday 07 February 2024.



Mental Health Support

Togetherall is a free, 24/7 service for 16+ Renfrewshire residents for support with their mental health. Togetherall provides an anonymous community where people can share their lived life experiences, openly and freely with others, with no judgement and stigma and a wealth of tools and resources to learn coping strategies around managing emotions to improving sleep. This is a safe community to make connections with peers, with clinical professionals online 24/7 for guidance. Residents register using their postcode and can join immediately. To learn more about Togetherall, please visit https://togetherall.com/en-gb/ or watch this short video here.

Emma Lambert, dedicated Renfrewshire Senior Account Manager will be joining our next meeting in February to talk more about the service but for any questions in the interim, please contact emma.lambert@togetherall.com


Fair Food Renfrewshire - Quick survey around cooking classes, providing food support and growing food

Is your organisation involved (or considering getting involved) in food support, growing and nutritional/cooking classes. If so, we would be really grateful if you could spare 10 minutes to complete this survey.

Your survey responses will help shape work on what can be improved and how we can develop new connections. 

Please help us by completing the survey located on the Council’s website - https://www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/article/13681/Fair-Food-Renfrewshire


Experiences of money from young people in Renfrewshire

Do you work with young adults, are involved in the wellbeing of young people or offer financial education in Renfrewshire? The Renfrewshire Affordable Credit Alliance (RACA) has produced an animation, which focusses on young people and their experiences of money, their use of credit and what how they feel about money.

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) say less than half of young people in Scotland have received a meaningful financial education either at home or in school. It is estimated that 5.4 million children do not have the money skills they will need in adulthood so we are calling on parents, schools and local organisations to think about how they can incorporate financial education at home, or within their projects.
Yvonne, the RACA Affordable Credit Officer said, “In making our animation, we wanted to give a voice to young people as we often do not hear about their experiences of money and the worries they have. No matter the generation you are from, it can be daunting to manage money at first and our animation supports this using old film clips, and images from generations gone by. We invite you to use our animation to support conversations about money.”

The animation can be used on social media channels or as a tool to get young people to recognise they have an issue with money or support them to seek assistance if they think they need it. View the new animation here or copy on to any social media using https://bit.ly/RACAYouth, using the hashtags below.

#youngpeople #youngadults #affordablecredit #creditunions #debt #moneyhelper #credit

About RACA
RACA exists to empower everyone to make better choices around money, no matter their income level, and that everyone should have access to credit. We also encourage the use of affordable credit including making small savings and take a zero-tolerance approach to illegal moneylending. Visit www.raca.org.uk or get in touch info@engagerenfrewshire.com.

Sources: https://maps.org.uk/en/media-centre/press-releases/2023/less-than-half-of-uk-children-have-been-taught-about-money


Make Renfrewshire Safer Online

Renfrewshire Council continues RenSafeOnline initiative with Get Safe Online

RenSafeOnline was developed to ensure citizens, communities and small businesses across Renfrewshire felt safe, secure and confident online. As well as a number of face to face activities, since its launch, monthly online safety awareness campaigns have been promoted by Renfrewshire Council, featuring topics such as Romance Fraud, Social Media Scams, Safe Banking Online and much more.
Learn more at: https://www.getsafeonline.org/



Digital Champions @ Renfrewshire Libraries

Our Community Digital Champions can be anyone with a desire to work with learners to build basic digital skills and confidence and support them to make the most of the digital devices they have access to. Within our Libraries project, they work alongside staff to promote essential digital Skills to learners, either in 1-2-1 or our drop-in sessions.


So far we’ve engaged with 21 partners, across Renfrewshire and beyond, in the public and third sector, and have begun supporting them in the development in their digital offering through online and in-person training and peer support. Our first programme, ending in November ’23 was hugely successful, and we are looking forward to beginning our new programme at the beginning of February.

We are always seeking to recruit new Digital Champions for to join our team! and in early 2024, we’re beginning development of a Digital Champions Network, a forum space for peer support for digital champions across Renfrewshire. This will also include development of a central Digital Champion role resource, supporting many organisations on a more flexible basis, and thus supporting the expansion of digital provision available across Renfrewshire. If you are interested in becoming a Digital Champion, please complete our expression of interest form, found here https://forms.office.com/e/HGpjPSPxJB 


Training Opportunities for Young People from The Princes Trust

The Princes Trust

The Prince’s Trust work with young people aged 16-30 in Glasgow and surrounding areas.
We do this by helping them to build their confidence and kickstart a career in a whole range of different sectors. Developing new skills during work experience or even exploring opportunities for self-employment. 
Some courses we are running across February:

  • Get into Sales with BT: A four-week work experience with BT Sales and Retention Team developing communication, problem solving and teambuilding skills. Opportunity for young people to interview for live vacancies upon completion of the programme. Please contact rebecca.mclafferty@princes-trust.org.uk for referrals or additional information.
  • Get into Retail with Marks and Spencers: Four-week work experience with M&S with the opportunity to interview for live vacancies upon completion of the course.

Please contact annisha.montgomery@princes-trust.org.uk for further information on this course.

  • Explore course: Our monthly Explore programme offers a mix of group activities and one-to-one support to develop skills and confidence needed to move forward and reach your goals! For further information or to send referrals, please contact: Kelly.Hopewell@princes-trust.org.uk
  • Enterprise: Our Enterprise programme gives you the chance to find out everything you nee to know to make your business, or business idea, a success through our online and in person courses. Please get in touch with us via: Glasgow.enterprise@princes-trust.org.uk
  • Health and Social Care: We run plenty of different programmes within the Health and Social Care Sector and work with partners who have hundreds of entry-level jobs available. Contact healthandsocialcare-scotland@princes-trust.org.uk for more information on upcoming opportunities!


Asda Foundation - U18 Better Starts Grant
18 Better Starts is an Asda Foundation grant for local groups aimed at supporting a broad range of activities for children under the age of 18 which contribute towards transforming communities and improving children’s lives, as well as funding to strengthen their volunteering.
There are four options to choose from under this grant. You must be clear from the outset which one you are applying for. It’s also possible to apply for a combination. The options are:

  • Providing Essentials: Providing the essentials to address an immediate need and/or situation.
  • Transform/Improve: Funding to transform and/or improve a space/activity.
  • Connect Together: Funding to bring people together, encouraging community connections.
  • Volunteering: Funding to support volunteer costs enabling them to continue supporting their groups and communities.

Find out more

Funding Adventurous Activities for Young People
The Pawprint Trust has reopened its annual grant scheme, allowing young people from across the UK to apply for funding for life-changing adventures that develop their skills, capacities, and capabilities. The funding will support young people aged 11-25 who need a bit of extra help with their fundraising for projects and activities both locally and abroad. Examples of projects and activities previously supported include international trips, camping adventures, personal development projects, providing equipment and community projects. Each application should be accompanied by a supporting statement from someone who knows the young person well, such as a group leader or teacher etc. Projects cannot be funded if they take place before 31 May in the application year. The closing date for applications is the 31 March 2024. Find out more

Grants to Support the Further Education and Training of Young Adults with Learning Difficulties
Grants of up to £5,000 are available to charities that support young adults with learning difficulties after they leave school. The Margaret Dobson Further Education Trust will provide funding to charities that promote education, learning, training, recreation and rehabilitation for young adults aged 18 to 25 across the UK, providing practical skills to support them to lead independent lives. Those aged 16+ who are not in formal education, training or work will also be considered. Priority will be given to applications from projects which offer transferrable life skills and employment experience, build accredited training, and encourage social interaction and confidence building. Only institutions or organisations who are registered Charities, Charitable Incorporated Organisations or Community Interest Companies and with an annual turnover of less than £1 million will be considered for funding. The deadline for applications is the 31 March 2024. Find out more

Funding to Alleviate Social Deprivation
The Volant Charitable Trust’s Grants programme has re-opened for applications. The fund aims to support Scottish charities and projects that help alleviate social deprivation. The fund will support the core costs of successful applicants.
Specific themes the fund will consider for support include:

  • Poverty and deprivation (with an emphasis on women, children and young people):
  • Women
  • Children and young people

Registered charities, community interest companies, community organisations and social enterprises can apply for grants of up to £15,000 per year for up to three years. Funding is administered by Foundation Scotland and can be used for project and core costs. There is a two-stage application process. The deadline for submitting a stage 1 application is the 12 April 2024. Applicants successful at this stage will have until the early October to submit a stage 2 application. Find out more
Funded Work Placements within Third Sector organisations
The Scottish Government has awarded funding to encourage public and third sector organisations to offer paid work placements to parents to reduce child poverty who also may have additional barriers to employment. There is no cost to your organisation, we are looking for entry level posts suitable for people to gain essential skills for future employment and employers who can be flexible around working hours to suit parents. This paid placement programme provides 26-week job placements for Renfrewshire residents who can move into employment but who may lack some of the key requirements to do so. This can include flexible working hours, recent or relevant work experience, some necessary skills or relevant certificates or qualifications. The paid placement programme supports participants to develop the skills, experience and if necessary, the qualifications needed to progress to sustainable work after completion of their paid, work experience placement.

Eligible Organisations must be:

  • Non-governmental and a non-profit-making organisations or associations which can include charities, voluntary and community groups, cooperatives, housing associations.
  • Provide employment contract for participants.

Eligible Participants are:
All Participants will be Renfrewshire residents who have parental responsibility are unemployed or economically inactive. These placement roles will assist to support the Council’s overall aim to reduce child poverty. The roles will have a greater need of consideration regards flexibility for hours and / or delivery times with a focus on family friendly hours to ensure Parents can undertake the posts and to encourage maximum take up. 

  • Parents who live in Renfrewshire and have the right to live and work in the UK.
  • Economically Inactive Renfrewshire clients


  • RLW costs covered of £10.90 PH for between 8-30 hour per week.
  • Payments will be made quarterly in arrears. Employers must submit a claim form, payslips, and business bank statements each month to evidence wage payments.
  • A claim form will be issued to enable training and payroll costs to be reimbursed.

To find out more contact ­ - Jane Findlay
Sector Coordinator
INVEST In Renfrewshire
Russell Institute,
30 Causeyside Street, Paisley, PA1 1UN
Phone:  07983 802 384
Email:  jane.findlay@renfrewshire.gov.uk


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