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Engage Update - 20 November

Ready Scotland

Ready Scotland has created an online learning hub with free resources for community groups and voluntary sector organisations.

Ready Scotland LEARN’s original eLearning modules will help you understand what the role community-based organisations can play in emergency situations and how to work with emergency responder organisations.

The learning hub also contains links to further free learning on essential emergency topics which are offered by trusted partners.

These include:

  • Community Education Workshops from the Red Cross on First Aid, Coping with Challenges and more
  • The Action Counters Terrorism free online course from Protect UK.
  • Stop Disasters Game, an interactive world building game from the UN
  • The Staying Well Roadtrip from Lifelines Scotland

Find all the information here - Ready.Scot/Learn



Foundation Scotland November E-Bulletin



Community Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund

Year 3 Funding closes on Friday 24 November at 5pm

The overarching aim of the Fund is to support community based initiatives that promote and develop good mental health and wellbeing and/or mitigate and protect against the impact of distress and mental ill health within the adult population (aged 16 or over), with a particular focus on prevention and early intervention.

Find out more and apply here



Resources for local community resilience events from Ready Scotland

Ready Scotland have provided the following resources which are all available online and can be printed off locally to give out at community events:



The Gathering - Extra 2023

For those who missed or were unable to attend 'The Gathering' at the start of November, this year SCVO have organised a free online event on Wednesday 29 November from 10am to 3pm. This will include a number of recorded and edited sessions from the live event, alongside guest speakers and interactive sessions. Read below to find out more.

You can head to their website to read about the sessions, book a space and for further information with this link:  The Gathering Extra - SCVO

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