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Engage Update - 15 January

Last chance to join us at the Renfrewshire Wellbeing Network Meeting

16 January 2024
1.30pm - 3.30pm
Our first network meeting of 2024 will be held in the community-led health and wellbeing hub Station 7 in Johnstone!

Join us for an afternoon of news and updates from Engage Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire HSCP, presentations from external speakers and time for connecting with other Community Wellbeing Network members and a cuppa.

This will also be an opportunity to meet Aniara, Engage Renfrewshire’s new Community Engagement Assistant. She is working on the development of the network and supporting network members with projects and ongoing promotion of activities.

Book to join:
Online: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/renfrewshire-wellbeing-network-january-meeting-online-tickets-tickets-778190577967
In Person: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/renfrewshire-wellbeing-network-january-meeting-in-person-tickets-tickets-773660558557Back to Contents


Fair Food Renfrewshire Survey

Fair Food Renfrewshire is a food partnership for Renfrewshire.
Our common vision is access to good food for all. We want Renfrewshire citizens to enjoy and benefit from food locally grown, produced, bought, cooked, and eaten each day.
This survey is for any group, organisation or business involved in - or would like to be involved in:

  • providing nutritional or cooking classes in the community
  • providing food support
  • growing food in a public or communal space.

Three of our priorities are;

  • Working to reduce, then eradicate food poverty, by promoting a collaborative approach across all communities, ensuring a dignified and fair access to healthy and affordable food for all.
  • Increased access and availability of growing grounds in every town and village within Renfrewshire.
  • Widen access and availability to educational opportunities regarding nutrition and cooking skills, and wider use of "home economics" type classes within education, health and community settings.

 We are looking for information about what currently happens to provide food support, grow food and provide food nutrition or cooking education in Renfrewshire. This will help us understand current demand and identify any gaps or issues. 
Your survey responses will help shape work on what can be improved and how we can develop new connections. 
Please help us by completing the survey located on the Council’s website - https://www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/article/13681/Fair-Food-Renfrewshire
The survey closes on 31 January 2024 and your help and support is very much appreciated.  It will only take a maximum of 10 minutes to complete! 


Renfrewshire Community Transport

Renfrewshire Community Transport is an exciting, emerging new initiative, and we want to understand how this service could best support you and your organisation.
If you or members of your group use local transport to attend activities and appointments or if your organisation requires to hire buses from time to time we're sure that letting us know will be worth your while!
Please take a moment to fill out the two brief surveys - it will only take 5 minutes—tops! There’s one for group activities and this one is for individual needs.
SURVEY CLOSES 31st January - Thank you!
The Board of Directors, Renfrewshire Community Transport
Individual – https://forms.office.com/e/gZJfhjYaC9
Group - https://forms.office.com/e/NfM0P6j5m7


Rig Arts Survey

Following the success of RIG Arts Evolve Project, we are pleased to share that we have received another year of funding to bring more community based creativity to Seedhill with our Evolve 2 Project. 
We really want to make sure we are providing the types of creative outputs that people want. So we are collecting any suggestions from the local community to inform what we do using this form. 
Please use this as an opportunity to think of something creative you have always wanted to do or see in Paisley's Seedhill area. 

Complete the survey Here.


Social Tariff Broadband Update

Citizen's Advice Scotland

Greetings DigiRen, 

Happy New Year - we hope you have a healthy, happy 2024!

Our first topic of 2024 is raising awareness of social tariff broadband and the ongoing low levels of uptake across the UK. Internet access is a fundamental need in the current world and is considered an essential utility for daily life, yet the price of internet access is too high for many, which is why social tariff broadband is so important. Citizen's Advice Scotland recently wrote an article for The Herald outlining that in Scotland, an estimated 400,000 people on Universal Credit could still be missing out on savings available through social tariff broadband. 

CAS found that of the 24% of consumers who knew about social tariff broadband, only 7% of that group had heard about it through their provider recommending or publicising it. 

This makes raising awareness and spreading word about it far and wide hugely important in reaching those who are eligible. Please read more of the CAS article directly on their website here: Thousands are missing out on cheaper internet deals | Citizens Advice Scotland (cas.org.uk)

The best place to find out current social tariff broadband prices and providers is on the OfCOM website using this link Social tariffs: Cheaper broadband and phone packages - Ofcom


Safe Online Dating Campaign

New year, new romance?

Online dating can be a brilliant way to meet new people as long as you keep it safe and responsible. Read our top tips #DateSafe www.getsafeonline.org/datesafe    

  • When you’re dating online, check out the person, not the profile. Do your research, and don’t be afraid of asking plenty of questions to ensure your date is genuine.
  • An online date who tells you not to tell family, friends or other people about them could spell trouble, like isolating or coercing you. Recognise the signs.
  • For better protection against fraud and identity theft – and for your personal safety – always stay on the dating site or app’s messenger service.
  • It isn’t wise to overshare personal details until you’ve really got to know and trust your new date.   
  • Sending intimate images or videos of yourself to someone you’ve met online could expose you to more than you bargain for.

We have some helpful tips for you on how to keep safe when meeting someone in person you’ve met online


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