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Engage Update - 13 November


Year 3 Funding closes on Friday 24 November at 5pm

The overarching aim of the Fund is to support community based initiatives that promote and develop good mental health and wellbeing and/or mitigate and protect against the impact of distress and mental ill health within the adult population (aged 16 or over), with a particular focus on prevention and early intervention.

Find out more and apply here


Stonewall Scotland Inclusive Leadership Programme

Stonewall Scotland is hosting a fully funded Inclusive Leadership Programme that provides third sector leaders with support to create inclusive environments.

As leaders, we have a unique role in creating inclusive environments. The programme is designed to help you understand how you can support LGBTQ+ inclusion in your charity to create inclusive environments where all colleagues can thrive.

This programme provides you with opportunity to explore how you can transform your workplace by:

  • Developing an understanding of LGBTQ+ identities and experiences to confidently advocate for more inclusive workplaces.
  • Understanding the role leaders play in creating inclusive environments.
  • Discussing how you as a leader can take practical action to make your team environment more inclusive.
  • Building a network of leaders committed to LGBTQ+ inclusion and build connections across Scotland

Apply here


This monthly online workshop will introduce artists and cultural organisations to environmental action and climate justice, and the many ways you can approach it including mitigation, adaptation and using your influence.

We will give you a background to Creative Carbon Scotland and show you how to take your first steps to tackle your carbon emissions, adapt to the impacts of climate change, and use your influence towards audiences and communities.


Join SCCAN Story Weaver Lesley Anne Rose on Tuesday 14 November, 10.30am-12.30pm online, to explore how to create a sense of place in your writing – real or imagined – and take readers on a journey into the future, while also rooting them in the past. We’ll explore what aspects of place, and those who inhabit it, fascinate us and how they can be effectively recreated when writing about climate. There’ll be plenty of time for writing, discussion and sharing, as well as learning.

Book here

More about SCCAN Storytellers Collective and our mini-grants for creators on our website

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Scottish Federation of Housing Associations Finance Conference 2023

SFHA’s annual finance conference is the event not to be missed. The focus in recent years has been resilience in the face of challenging times, and the operating environment for housing associations remains somewhat unpredictable. As it always does in the face of adversity, the sector finds solutions and continues to deliver for communities across Scotland.

The conference brings together hundreds of people from the sector, as well as sector partners, to learn and network. Come along to gain insight into the challenges facing the sector and how others are taking them on.

Topics will include: data, insurance, housing sustainability and financing net zero, the state of the economy, affordability, funding, and housing policy – and much, much more.

The conference is aimed at all finance directors, managers, officers, and other staff who have an interest in housing association and co-operative financial issues, including Chief Executives and Directors. Governing body members, consultants, local and central government, and other professionals working on financial issues in the affordable housing sector will also find the conference of interest.

Book here

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