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Engage Update - 06 November

Talk Money Week takes place between 06 and 10 November and we invite you to Do One Thing this year to support financial wellbeing at our Talk Money Week session and workshop.

If, as a practitioner, you find it uncomfortable to start a conversation with clients about aspects of their finances, you’re not alone. Despite the current spotlight on household finances, talking about money remains a taboo. People find it difficult to open up about money worries, and don’t access the expert help available to help them find their way forward. This can lead to bigger financial problems and in some rare cases people may turn to unauthorised lenders. By starting dialogue, you can help people improve their physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

Our Session

This year we are doing something a wee bit different; time to listen, then time to act. We will split the morning into two sessions. Our first session has our guest Speakers and presentations and is open to online and in-person attendees. After a short break we will run a Do One Thing Workshop, which is open to in-person attendees only.

Find out more and book here



Make your mark in Volunteering Newsletter 


NHS GG&C Community Food
Community food within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde supports a host of programmes relating to child and adult healthy weight and type 2 diabetes prevention. During the Pandemic, many community cookery activities were suspended which had a huge impact on the community infrastructure resulting in a lack of community venues and very few community chefs, who had formerly been trained through NHS GGC-funded programmes.

NHS GGC would like to invite organisations who are working with children and families to become part of our Community Food Network to support our existing child and adult healthy weight programmes across GGC. This would involve completing a free Train for Trainers programme, if staff and volunteers do not already have the qualifications, to ensure you and your organisation have the skills and knowledge required to support group cooking activities. Our priority is to make sure Glasgow and the surrounding areas can provide opportunities for families to develop skills and knowledge to cook low-cost, healthy meals and are signposted to further support if required.

If you or your organisation are interested, please contact aimee.matheson-dear@ggc.scot.nhs.uk.


The Gathering 2023

The Gathering is back for 2023! Organised by SCVO, the Gathering is the largest free voluntary sector event in the UK, a place for all the amazing people working in the sector to network, showcase what they do and learn from each other.

Over two days on 7 and 8 November 2023, thousands of amazing people from the voluntary sector and beyond will join us at Edinburgh’s EICC to connect, learn and be inspired. 

As well as bringing you a packed programme of workshops, seminars and activities – including online sessions for our most popular events - we’re delighted to share that this year we’re bringing our exhibition back, showcasing a wide range of exhibitors from the voluntary, public and private sectors! 

Find out more and book here


LivingWorks Start Training is a 1.5 hour course which will help individuals to learn valuable skills to have life-saving conversations with people who may be thinking of suicide. You can find out more here  https://www.livingworks.net/infographic

The course is online and is free.  To be allocated a license, please contact vicki.cloney@cvsinverclyde.org.uk


Community Justice Renfrewshire Survey
This survey has been prepared by Community Justice Renfrewshire.  We are a partnership that works to help people accused or convicted of offences re-integrate with their communities, where it's safe to do so.
In Renfrewshire we’re lucky to have so many hard working third sector organisations supporting our communities.  You take time to listen and respond to the needs of people you work with, and build relationships based on trust and respect.  This gives you key insight into the needs, challenges and opportunities of those you work with.
This survey aims to find out specific insight relating to individuals and their families who have current or previous experience of the justice system.  This will help inform some thinking around the breadth, depth and accessibility of related services and support.
Responses are welcome from any third sector organisation with a story to tell.  You don’t have to be justice-focused, though if you are, great.  If your services and support are or have been used by individuals and families with experience of the justice system, we’re eager to hear if this affected how your support was accessed and used.  Did people seek out help readily?  Was there anything that made offering support more challenging?  Have you learned anything that you think other organisations could or should take account of?
Responses will help us map where this insight exists.  More importantly, it will hopefully be the start of a conversation that we can follow up on to hear the detail of this experience.
Please don't share any information that will make a person or people identifiable.  Your general experiences and learning are all we're looking for.

Take the survey here


St MIrren Charitable Foundation

The Foundation launched three new programmes this week, for more information on the programmes and to sign up click on the links below.

Men's Recreational Football Sign up 

Women's Recreational Football Sign Up

12 Days Of Christmas - Coming Soon 
The Charitable Foundation will be having their 12 Days Of Christmas Auction at the start of December in aid of the Christmas Day Festive Friends initiative. This year they will likely be delivering a hot festive meal, food hamper and gift to over 300 homes of lonely elderly people and vulnerable families in the community, so any support is greatly appreciated.
For more information on programmes and Charitable Foundation news, visit their website at www.smfcfoundation.co.uk

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