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Engage Update - 04 December

Renfrewshire Community Transport - Your Input Matters!

Renfrewshire Community Transport is an exciting, emerging new initiative, and we want to understand how this service could best support you and your organisation.
If you or members of your group use local transport to attend activities and appointments or if your organisation requires to hire buses from time to time we're sure that letting us know will be worth your while!
Please take a moment to fill out these two brief surveys linked below - it will only take 5 minutes—tops! There’s one for group activities and one for individual needs.

The survey will close midday Wednesday 20 December
Thank you!
The Board of Directors, Renfrewshire Community Transport



SCVO Digital Update



Scotland's COVID-19 Enquiry

The Let's Be Heard platform is where people can share their experiences with the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry.

The website has tools and resources to help you to do this, including: forms, guidance for groups, Easy Read resources, materials for children, and translations into different languages.

This stage of Let’s Be Heard will run until 20 December 2023.


Being Ready for Winter #RenReady

Renfrewshire Council are highlighting the measures that can be taken by you or your community to prepare for the winter period as part of the #RenReady campaign.

Preparation is key, please take the time to visit the #RenReady section of website to find out more and share the information with your local community so they are prepared in advance but also able to respond to emergencies if they were to take place.


Emergency contact numbers
The emergency contacts page on the council website has contact numbers for emergencies, medical help and advice, flooding, power cuts, gas emergencies, water issues and council services and repairs.

Preparing your community
As a key outlet for your local community, have you considered creating a Community Resilience Plan?
This is a way for your community to come together to think about what it could do to be prepared for an emergency and to assist the emergency services should an emergency occur.

This isn't about doing the job of the emergency services, but supporting your community and those in it by making preparations and using the skills and knowledge that the community has available.

Our Civil Contingencies Service can provide advice and guidance for your community group to help with this so get in touch by emailing ccs@renfrewshire.gov.uk

Our 'Preparing your community' webpage also provides other information on things you should consider, including a Community Risk Register, the British Red Cross Emergency app, and the Facebook safety check application.

Being ready for winter
We want to ensure that communities are proactive and not reactive to winter weather and have provided general preparedness advice and information on our website to help everyone prepare.

Here you can find:

  • Where is your nearest grit bin and how to request a refill
  • Our responsibilities around gritting and our priority routes
  • How to prepare for flooding, including reporting blocked drains and how to recover
  • Advice on avoiding burst pipes – do you know how to turn them off or protect them in advance?
  • How to report required council housing repairs

Preparing your home
You should be prepared for a range of emergency scenarios that include staying at home for an extended period of time or evacuation from your home.

Visit the preparing your home for emergencies webpage for advice on:

  • Emergency supplies at home
  • Additional checks to protect your home
  • If you have to evacuate your home
  • Creating your own emergency plans
  • What to do if you smell gas or suspect a leak

Preparing for a loss of power, water or gas
Don’t wait until it happens to respond. Time can be precious during an emergency so prepare in advance and know how you’ll react should it happen.
The preparing for a loss of utilities page gives information on who to contact or how to find out more if you have a power cut, loss of water or you suspect a gas leak.

Support with the cost-of-living
We understand that the cost of living is increasing the financial hardship faced by many, and people may be concerned about their ability to cover costs, make payments and pay bills.
Our cost-of-living webpage is where you can find advice and support to support you with paying your bills, mortgage or rent, benefits you could claim, council tax reductions, help with food, school meals, energy bills or paying for a funeral.

Business preparations
How would you respond to a fire or a flood at your premises? What if someone hacked your computer or tills?
Visit the preparing your business webpage for advice on business grab bags, continuity planning, cyber security and more to keep your business safe and operating this winter.
If you want to read more then you can visit our website at www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/RenReady or you can contact our Civil Contingencies Service by emailing ccs@renfrewshire.gov.uk.
Stay safe this winter and support your community #RenReady


Renfrewshire Council - Paisley Town Centre Junction Improvements

Changes relate to the junctions of: 

  • Glasgow Road, Mill Street, Gauze Street and Incle Street 
  • Gauze Street, Cotton Street and Lawn Street 

Planned changes 

The Paisley Town Centre Junction improvements information sheet outlines the planned changes at each junction. 

You can see more details on what this means for bus users, road users and pedestrians at: www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/paisley-junctions 

Benefits of the changes 

Bus Partnership funding from Transport Scotland is enabling us to make changes to improve the junctions for bus users, road users and pedestrians. 

The changes have carefully been considered to balance the needs of everyone who use the junctions and support continued access to businesses and organisations around the junctions. 

The key benefits of these changes are: 

  • Quicker, more reliable journeys for bus passengers  
  •  New signal-controlled pedestrian crossings at Incle Street and Gauze Street  
  • Reduced traffic speed from Incle Street onto Glasgow Road  
  • Easier for all vehicles on Glasgow Road turning right  
  • Improved area outside St Mirin’s Cathedral and more pedestrian space at Paisley Abbey  
  • Maintains business access with dedicated loading bays  
  • Maintains same levels of on-street parking provision 
  • Prevents illegal parking blocking the approach on Glasgow Road 

Providing feedback 

We have held initial engagement with businesses and organisations around the junctions to consider their needs and have updated our plans wherever possible.  

We are inviting feedback on the updated plans by 4pm on Friday 22 December 2023. 

You can contact us and share your views by calling 0300 300 0380, email ei@renfrewshire.gov.uk or write to us:

For the attention of Transportation & Development Manager
Environment, Housing and Infrastructure
Council Headquarters
Renfrewshire House
Cotton Street

What happens next 

We are aiming to start construction work in 2024 beginning with the Glasgow Road junction then at Gauze Street. 

Nearby businesses and residents will be notified before any work starts and we will look to minimise any disruption throughout the works. 


Invest in Renfrewshire  - Get Hired Event



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