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Employment Focus - 18 August


Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau
Energy Advisor (PT)
The Energy Adviser role will focus on reducing fuel poverty and enhancing energy efficiency awareness among vulnerable energy consumers in Renfrewshire. Advice sessions will be offered to clients via multiple channels including face-to-face, email, and via telephone. The primary objective of the role is to help clients reduce their energy costs, help them to apply for financial assistance, and deliver practical advice for optimal energy use. 

Youth Counsellors (based in East Renfrewshire)
You will be an enthusiastic, self-motivated individual who can provide confidential Counselling services for young people in secondary school settings.

Various roles - Community Link Worker, Recovery Support Workers, Sessional Support Workers
Work for us and promote recovery from mental ill health, empowering people to build independent fulfilled lives.

Renfrewshire Health & Social Care Partnership Vacancies
Current vacancies include Nursing, Administration, Social Care and Senior Health Professional Roles

Renfrew YMCA
Youth and Community Development Coordinator
The role of Youth and community Development Coordinator is to take responsibility for a number of specific projects (e.g. Primary Age Juniors & Play Rangers) & Secondary Age (Drop-in, young Leaders, Additional Support Needs & Parent/ Toddlers).  The role is to ensure that activities are planned, monitored and evaluated, that staff on those specific projects are lead and managed appropriately and that appropriate funding is sought for these projects.

Remember to check Goodmoves for other jobs in Scotland within the Third & Public Sectors.


Support for Organisations

DigiShift 71: making digital greener: device reuse and digital inclusion

Developing the Young Workforce - Renfrewshire Employer Engagement event

Volunteer Scotland's The Cost of Living and Wellbeing Crisis: Quarterly Bulletins

1:1 support as part of the CHEF Fund this year.
This year One Ren are providing 1:1 application support for groups working primarily with those who identify as an ethnic minority or a New Scot. The work can also be aimed at ethnic minority groups or new scots. If you wish to apply, you are very welcome to attend a quick video call to discuss your ideas for funding with Mia Clarke (Grants Officer - mia.clarke@renfrewshire.gov.uk) and the Fundraising and Development Officer.

If you are interested in applying, you can find more information about the fund here: Culture, Heritage and Events Fund (CHEF) - Renfrewshire Website


An Introduction to Race and Equality Issues - 11 October 

This in person, one-day workshop aims to enable participants to:

  • develop a shared understanding of the systematic way racism is maintained and perpetuated and the impact on feelings, behaviour and relationships at work (participants will be asked to draw parallels with other ‘isms’ as well as be conscious of the added complexities of intersectionality); and
  • consider ways to use their own influence to challenge racism and promote a culture of inclusion both internally and with external partners and stakeholders.

The workshop will include sessions on the following:

  • The systematic nature of racism
  • The impact of power inequalities on individuals, behaviour and relationships
  • Unconscious bias and cognitive dissonance
  • Equity issues and good practice (regarding communication styles and language)
  • Sources of power and the use of personal power
  • 4 steps to creating an inclusive culture

Book here


The opportunity for young people to put themselves forward as a candidate for the Scottish Youth Parliament Elections is here.  If you are working with any young people who you think may be interested in becoming a candidate, perhaps to represent their views, the views of other young people or perhaps if they are care experience, a carer, a refugee, an older young person who would like to highlight and help deal with issues they are especially knowledgeable and passionate about, this may be a great opportunity!  All young people will be supported by Youth Services and the Scottish Youth Parliament to produce their manifesto and run their election campaign.

Prospective candidates have until Monday 01 September to register their interest in standing to become a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP). Young people will then receive training to help them develop their skills over the summer before they launch their election campaigns in the autumn. Across Scotland, young people will then cast their ballots to choose who they want to represent them for the next two years between Monday 6th November and Sunday 19th November.

As part of the elections process for the Scottish Youth Parliament, we will be running welcome sessions for Young People wishing to stand – just offering the same session at two different times on either the 23 or 30 of August Training and Information session 4-6pm in the Youth Services office, West Primary School, Newton Street, Paisley, PA1 2RL.

If you have any potential young people who would be interested but are unsure, please sign post them to these sessions to find out more and meet the team! 

For information here is the guidance on becoming a candidate:

  • Any 14-25 year old living in Scotland may stand as an MSYP.
  • You have to be living, working or educated in the constituency you are standing in to be elected (Paisley, Renfrewshire North and South, and Renfrewshire South)
  • Potential candidates for MSYP should demonstrate a commitment to the role of an MSYP and as a Renfrewshire Youth Voice member, on both a local and national scale.

If you are speaking to any potential young people who are interested in Youth Democracy and Participation, they can come along to the Renfrewshire Youth Voice weekly meetings a Thursday 5-7pm every week, held in the Youth Services office, West Primary School, Newton Street PAISLEY PA1 2RL.  Any young people who put themselves forward as a candidate but are unsuccessful can still join Renfrewshire Youth Voice.

For more information on the whole thing and to see what being an MSYP is all about, please visit the local pages of the Young Scot website here.


Renfrewshire Council - Community Council Elections

Every four years, Renfrewshire Council must hold elections to re-establish all active community councils and the last elections were held in 2019.

The nomination period for the 2023 elections formally commenced on Monday 14 August 2023 when residents throughout Renfrewshire were invited to declare their candidacy.

All candidates must complete and submit a nomination form by no later than Friday 15 September 2023.

Current community councillors are eligible to stand for re-election and must declare their candidacy by returning a nomination form before the closing date. 
Nomination forms must:

  • contain all information requested;
  • include a proposer and seconder who are residents of the community council area and are listed on the Voters’ Roll;
  • be signed in ink by all parties;
  • be received by no later than 15 September 2023.

An Election Results notice will be published soon as possible after 15 September 2023 and successful candidates will be advised by letter.

If a community council receives more nominations than there are places, then a ballot election will be held in the local area. If there are not enough nominations, then the community council will not re-establish and a further call out for nominations will take place – with anything in between resulting in candidates being elected unopposed.

Please do all you can to raise awareness of the election in your area. 

More information - www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/article/9270/Community-council-elections


A new art installation in  Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Hospital hopes to inspire a conversation about the role of carers in the area. 

Woven in Renfrewshire features a series of printed boards telling stories gathered from carers who were asked to share their experiences of formal and informal care. In place until next month, the current works were inspired by carers in Govan and were previously displayed at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. 

Using the inspiration of stories from Renfrewshire carers, lead Artist Tara Beal, with Karen Herbison, Kayleigh McGuinness and Audrey O'Brien will create works in different media, including sculpture, performance, writing, live events and collaborative embroidery.

The work, which will speak to the pivotal role of Paisley in the history of the Scottish textile industry, will feature in a second exhibition in the RAH during the spring of 2024 - opening in the Royal Alexandra Hospital, followed by other venues including Paisley town centre and the Scottish Parliament - where project findings will be shared with MSPs. 
The installation in the RAH Dining Room, is supported by NHSGGC’s Animating Public Spaces Endowment funded programme and local, national and international funding generated by the board’s Renfrewshire arts/cultural partner Fablevision.  

Fablevision director Liz Gardiner said: “We are honoured to be able to deliver Woven in Renfrewshire as the Scottish partner in a high-profile collaboration called Woven Network which compares and contrasts the experience of Scottish women who are carers with that of women in Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, and Northern Europe, Sweden and other Nordics nations. 
“The lived experience of carers is vital for the Scottish Government's current consultation around what should be the shape of a National Care Service and MSP's have already commented on the value of feedback in a creative medium which hits home and is much more accessible for audiences than dry papers and reports. We want to hear as many voices as possible so please be in touch to participate!"

RAH General Manager Victoria Cox said: “We understand the importance of those who act as carers in the community and the significant contribution they make to healthcare and are delighted to help play a part in sharing the stories of carers with a wider audience and hope that the voice of carers in Renfrewshire will be heard.”  

The team would like to hear from carers across Renfrewshire - either paid or informal carers in families and communities.  Anyone who has a story that can inspire the team can contact Fablevision on 0141 230 7321 or email info@fablevision.org

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