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Employment Focus - 11 August


Various roles - Community Link Worker, Recovery Support Workers, Sessional Support Workers
Work for us and promote recovery from mental ill health, empowering people to build independent fulfilled lives.

Renfrewshire Health & Social Care Partnership Vacancies
Current vacancies include Nursing, Administration, Social Care and Senior Health Professional Roles

Job Fair - Lagoon Leisure Centre - Friday 18 August

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Renfrew YMCA
Youth and Community Development Coordinator
The role of Youth and community Development Coordinator is to take responsibility for a number of specific projects (e.g. Primary Age Juniors & Play Rangers) & Secondary Age (Drop-in, young Leaders, Additional Support Needs & Parent/ Toddlers).  The role is to ensure that activities are planned, monitored and evaluated, that staff on those specific projects are lead and managed appropriately and that appropriate funding is sought for these projects.

Introduction to Construction - FEW SPACES REMAINING

  • Start date 14/08/2023 - 4 week course - 4 days a week
  • Closing date for referrals 07/08/2023
  • Allowance available if candidate eligible £11 per day of attendance plus travel if required
  • Not in education training or Employment
  • Candidate must be able to attend all sessions

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Support for Individuals

POP! News 61

Let's Be Heard – Sharing Scotland's COVID Experience
This platform is where people can share their experiences with the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry. This stage of Let’s Be Heard will run until 31 October.

An introduction to Race and Equity Issues

This in person, one-day workshop aims to enable participants to:

  • develop a shared understanding of the systematic way racism is maintained and perpetuated and the impact on feelings, behaviour and relationships at work (participants will be asked to draw parallels with other ‘isms’ as well as be conscious of the added complexities of intersectionality); and
  • consider ways to use their own influence to challenge racism and promote a culture of inclusion both internally and with external partners and stakeholders.

The workshop will include sessions on the following:

  • The systematic nature of racism
  • The impact of power inequalities on individuals, behaviour and relationships
  • Unconscious bias and cognitive dissonance
  • Equity issues and good practice (regarding communication styles and language)
  • Sources of power and the use of personal power
  • 4 steps to creating an inclusive culture

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DigiShift - 23 August

We hope you can join us for DigiShift 71 on 23 August, when we'll be talking about how we can make digital inclusion a bit greener.

We had a fantastic DigiShift on 23 July - Steph Wright and Gina Helfrich, two AI experts, helped us make sense of recent AI developments. You can catch up with DigiShift 70 on our YouTube channel.

You can also download our speaker's slides from our website:

On the call, we also highlighted SCVO's own guide to using generative AI responsibly.

Finally, on 23 August we'll be joined by Elaine Brown and Martina Johnston-Gray for a great discussion on how device reuse can make digital inclusion greener. 


Who Creates the Story? Tackling Mental Health Stigma through Creative Approaches - Monday 04 September

Creative approaches are vital to anti-stigma work, offering different tools for people to share, engage and connect. This is particularly important when we consider how we make sure our work engages communities across Scotland, taking an intersectional approach to our understanding of stigma.
See Me are delighted to invite you to a free day all-day Creative Learning Event ‘Who Creates the Story?’: Tackling mental health stigma through creative approaches on Monday 04 September, 9.30-5pm at The Boardwalk (105 Brunswick St, G1 1TF). Please use this link to sign up to attend Who Creates the Story?


Peer-led Learning and the Difference it Makes - 21 September


A Peer Connects online event from Scottish Recovery Network

This participatory online event is a chance to connect, share and learn with people passionate about the power of peer support! It’s an opportunity to look at some of the different ways people use to enhance their confidence, skills, and experience through learning in the community. A chance to explore what difference it makes if the opportunities are peer-led?

Join us to hear about North Ayrshire Wellbeing and Recovery College's Peer Pathway programme. Book your place to share ideas and hear from other innovative peer-led learning projects making a difference across the country

Peer Connects: peer-led learning and the difference it makes


New courses starting at Ferguslie Learning Centre

New courses starting soon. at Ferguslie Learning Centre.

Find out more here 

Enrolment/Information Sessions

  • Tuesday 15 August - 10.00am to 1.00pm
  • Wednesday 16 August - 10.00am to 2.00pm
  • Thursday 17 August - 10.00am to 2.00pm
  • Tuesday 22 August - 10.00am to 2.00pm
  • Wednesday 23 August - 10.00am to 2.00pm
  • Thursday 24 August - 10.00am to 2.00pm


CIRCLE/Barnardos Family Support Worker 

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