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Employment Focus - 08 December

Funded Work Placements within Third Sector organisations
The Scottish Government has awarded funding to encourage public and third sector organisations to offer paid work placements to parents to reduce child poverty who also may have additional barriers to employment. There is no cost to your organisation, we are looking for entry level posts suitable for people to gain essential skills for future employment and employers who can be flexible around working hours to suit parents. This paid placement programme provides 26-week job placements for Renfrewshire residents who can move into employment but who may lack some of the key requirements to do so. This can include flexible working hours, recent or relevant work experience, some necessary skills or relevant certificates or qualifications. Find out more


Vodafone Mobile Voice and Data Services Framework 

Please see the attached infographic from Vodafone, aimed at the Voluntary Sector in Scotland and to promote the Scottish Government Mobile Voice and Data Services framework.

The framework is a single supplier direct award arrangement and provides Scottish public sector organisations with excellent tariffs across a range of voice, data and additional services.  The framework delivers a variety of benefits but especially delivers excellent value for money achieved with average savings of between 50-60% on core voice and data services against previous framework rates.

If you require any further information, you can contact Vodafone direct at mobilescotland@vodafone.co.uk or to speak to a member of the Scottish Government framework team, please contact David Box (07919 014604) or Lisa Pittman (0141 242 5628).


Renfrewshire Stroke Group are looking for volunteers:

Community Connector

Group Support Volunteer

Contact Maureen Hunter to find out more - Maureen.hunter@stroke.org.uk

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