RenSEN Newsletter - 02 November
RenSEN Newsletter - 02 November

RenSEN Newsletter - 02 November


Date of Next RenSEN Meeting - As part of the run-up to Social Enterprise Day in November, we will be holding the next RenSEN session on Thursday 18 November (1:00-3:00pm) and will hear from new start entrepreneurs on what inspired them to set up a social enterprise, so please ‘Save-the-Date’ and come along.

Here are the Powerpoint slides from Tuesday’s RenSEN session.
Our guest speakers were Kay McIntosh, Young Persons Guarantee (YPG) Programme and Emily Wallace, Corra Foundation.  Both Kay and Emily highlighted ways in which RenSEN members can get involved in these new initiatives.
Please take a look through the attached slides and if you have any questions, just let us know.
What is the Young Persons Guarantee and how can Renfrewshire Employers Help

Participatory Scotland - An introduction


In the meantime, there are a few simple steps you can take to support to the Young Persons Guarantee in Renfrewshire:

Promote YPG – YPG aims to connect every 16 to 24 year old in Scotland to an opportunity which could be a job, apprenticeship, Further or Higher Education, training or volunteering.  Therefore, please use your networks to encourage young people to find out more about YPG and register their interest.

Want to advertise a volunteering opportunity? – Please remember to advertise your volunteering opportunities with Engage Renfrewshire.  Young people registered with YPG will have access to volunteering opportunities listed on the Engage Renfrewshire website.

Inspire Young People – Through YPG, there are opportunities to engage with schools in Renfrewshire and inspire young people to work in your sector.  If you would like to support YPG in this way, please contact the YPG Team here

Planning to advertise a job? – If you’re looking to recruit a young person, you can also advertise through YPG.  You can find more info here (including details of current recruitment initiatives).

‘Colabs’ and partners – If you’re looking to collaborate on a project idea or want to develop more formal partnerships, please let us know and we can help connect you to other local groups.

Facilities for hire – If you have meeting space available or offer room-hire, remember to advertise your space via the Engage Renfrewshire premises directory



Digital Skills:
3 November – How to Use SharePoint (SCVO)
4 November – How Digital Tools Can Make Your Board More Inclusive (SCVO)
4 November – Pinterest for Business (Digital Boost)
8 November – Twitter for Business (Digital Boost)
9 November – Facebook for Business (Digital Boost)
9 November – TikTok for Business (Digital Boost)
11 November – Enhance Your Business Wi Digital (Digital Boost)
12 November – LinkedIn for Business (Digital Boost)
17 November – Using Microsoft Word (SCVO)
17 November – Get Impact and Engagement with Social Media (Digital Boost)
18 November – Effective Use of Social Media (Business Gateway)
23 November – Planning and Scheduling Your Online Content (Digital Boost)
Governance & Leadership:
3 November – Info Session: Digital Senior Leaders Programme (SCVO)
3 November – Recruiting Board Members with Lived Experience (SCVO)
10 November – Developing Social Entrepreneurs (Just Enterprise)
11 November – Start-Up Webinar: Mission & Objectives (Just Enterprise)
01 December – Why Evaluation and Reporting Matters to Trustees (SCVO)
Business Basics:
3 November – Business Planning for Community Led Social Enterprise (Just Enterprise)
3 November – How to Build a Digital Marketing Plan (Digital Boost)
10 November – Marketing 3 Simple Steps (Business Gateway)
10 November – Start-Up Webinar: Bookkeeping (Just Enterprise)
10 November – Starting a Business: Everything You Need to Know (Business Gateway)
12 November – Marketing Your Business on a Budget (Business Gateway)
15 November – Bookkeeping and Finance (Business Gateway)
16 November – HR: The Essentials for Running a  Business (Business Gateway)
18 November – Understanding Financial Statements (Just Enterprise)
18 November – Creating the Right Reputation (Business Gateway)
25 November – Starting a Business: Everything You Need to Know (Business Gateway)
29 November – Marketing Your Business on a Budget (Business Gateway)
Developing Income Streams:
4 November – Introduction to Tendering (Just Enterprise)
11 November – Introduction to E-Commerce (Just Enterprise)
16 November – Charitable Trading (Just Enterprise)
23 November – Creating New Ideas and Opportunities (Business Gateway)
24 November – Public Procurement and the Voluntary Sector (SCVO)
25 November – Generating Ideas for your Business (Business Gateway)
Other topics:
5 November – Intellectual Property: The Fundamentals (Business Gateway)
8 November – Beginner’s Guide to Influencing Scottish Parliament (SCVO)
16 November – Findings from the third Sector Tracker (SCVO)
16 November – Go Green to Grow Your Business (Business Gateway)


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