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From a very young age I’ve always been into sports. Growing up and facing academic as well as social challenges because of my dyslexia pushed me to work harder to become what you see today.

Fortunately for me I had a few people along the way who pushed and supported me to do what I love and helped me to get the aid I needed to succeed.

On completion of my degree in sports coaching I decided that I wanted to be like one of those people who believed in me and supported me and if I could this for someone else or more than one person then I would have achieved much in life.

Working with those in marginalised groups such as disability and mental health is close to my heart and if I can support one or many through this in life using sport and physical activity as a tool then we’re on the winning side.

I decided on a social enterprise because I did not want it to be about just me but more importantly I wanted it to be about “We the community”, uniting, strengthening and supporting one another. What better way to do it than to have an organisation that reinvests within itself and within its community. that didn’t belong to anyone but to everyone passionate enough to become a “Jonsie” everyone needing a support system by chanalling sports and physical fitness into their everyday health and well-being. At Jones&Us we believe in “Strength in Unity”.

For more information on Jones & Us contact, Yohana (Yoko) Jones, Email: jonesandus@mail.com

Social Enterprise (SE’s) week 2020. Even during lockdown, Engage Renfrewshire has helped new social entrepreneurs to develop their social enterprise idea.  Find out more - contact info@engagerenfrewshire.com

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