Engage Update - Funding Focus - 11 May
Engage Update - Funding Focus - 11 May

Engage Update - Funding Focus - 11 May


Revenue, Core and Project Costs Funding 

The Robertson Trust 

Eligibility: Constituted community groups and registered charities who are working to alleviate poverty and trauma in Scotland, and who have an annual income of under £2 million.  

To check whether your organisation could be eligible for current funding, see our easy, step-by-step funding checker

Amount: The size of our grants vary and can depend on the type of funding that you apply for. The upper and lower thresholds for each Fund are detailed on the guidance pages. 

Deadline: Apply at any time. Each fund has slightly different timescales, but we will try to give you a decision within 8 to 12 weeks depending on the fund you have applied to. 

Length of funding: We can provide revenue funding of up 3 years and to a maximum of five years (in exceptional circumstances) with the exception of Wee Grants, which provides funding for one year only. 

What we fund 

We provide funding for organisations and initiatives that address: 

  • Financial security: tackling the financial and material effects of poverty on people and communities 

More Information  


Garfield Weston 

Eligibility: UK registered charities, Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs), Schools, universities or registered educational charities that are exempt under Charity Commission guidelines, Scout and Girl Guide groups that are excepted charities under Charity Commission guidelines, Faith based organisations that are exempt under the Charity Commission guidelines, Housing associations registered on the government’s List of Registered Providers, Museums, galleries and other institutions of national importance that are exempt under Charity Commission guidelines 

Types of Grant: Capital, Revenue (often called ‘core costs’) and Project work.  The most important thing is that you apply for what you need as this will be your priority and therefore the most compelling for our Trustees. 

Amount: How much you can apply for depends on a number of factors including: how much you need to raise; the scale of your project; and, how much your organisation has raised already.  Whether you are applying for revenue / unrestricted core costs, project / specific activities or capital costs, the Foundation tends not to support more than 10% of the total budget. The Trustees expect an organisation to have secured around half the funding required before applying to us.  Please note we are unlikely to fund charities where their annual spend, or budget/project is less than £10,000. 

Deadlines: Applications for Regular Grants (under £100,000) are reviewed by our Trustees on a regular basis and are dealt with in order of receipt. There are no deadlines that applicants need to worry about meeting. Applicants for a Major Grant (£100,000 and over) will be advised which Board meeting they are to apply to if invited to do so following their initial letter and subsequent phone call with either our Director or one of our Grants Managers. 

More info:  

Grant Programmes - Garfield Weston Foundation 

FAQs - Garfield Weston Foundation 

Eligibility Quiz - Garfield Weston Foundation 


Nationwide Building Society  

Grants of up to £50,000 Available to Support the Housing Needs of Vulnerable People (UK) 

Eligibility: UK registered charities, Community Land Trusts and housing co-operatives  

Amount: Grants of between £25,000 and £50,000  

Deadline: 27th May 2022. 

The grants are being made available across 11 UK regions through the £4 million Nationwide Building Society Community Grant Scheme. The program will fund between 50% to 100% of the total cost of projects lasting up to two years. The grant will help prevent people from losing their home, help people into a home or support people to thrive within the home environment. 

The types of costs covered by the grant includes: 

  • Core costs – up to 20% of the grant amount requested, including running and facility costs, office equipment, supplies, printing, travel and accommodation. 

  • Staff and volunteer costs for the project lead partner – including full-time staff, part-time staff, project delivery staff costs and other related expenses.  

  • Small-scale capital costs – including one-off expenses for equipment, or fixed assets that may have use or benefit beyond the life of the grant (one financial year), such as computer hardware, or items required to deliver a project, such as paint, paintbrushes 

  • and gardening equipment. 

  • Activity costs – such as catering or insurance, costs that help deliver projects or activities but fall outside of capital, staffing and volunteering costs. 

  • Development and capacity building costs – that support organisational sustainability, such as training staff and volunteers, and external consultancy fees. 

  • Building works and refurbishment costs – where they’re essential to the successful delivery of the project. 

More info: 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Questions that Applicants will be asked in 2022 



NHS Community Benefits Gateway 

As a contracting authority, the NHS in Scotland has the duty and opportunity to support initiatives that aim to improve the health and well-being of local communities. 

The Community Benefit Gateway (CBG) has been established to link suppliers on the NHS National Procurement Framework with local community needs.  

CBG is an online, easy-to-use platform. It makes it simple to match community needs submitted by third sector organisations with NHS Scotland’s suppliers. 

Third sector organisations, located at the heart of Scottish communities, submit community needs. 

NHS suppliers then bid against the need and support its delivery. 

Along with our easy to use digital gateway and website, we have developed a stakeholder toolkit attached with information and resources for you to use and share with your networks. Please share with your teams and encourage them to engage with the Community Benefits Gateway today! 



Support for Individuals

Daily Record - Women's charity holds housewarming to celebrate new home

Minority Ethnic Matters Overview - 09 May


Support for Organisations

GCVS - People & Safety Services Conference - September 2022


Mental Health Awareness Week

Yesterday our team took part in Wear It Green Day as part of Mental Health Awareness Week
We took the opportunity to have a mental health check-in with one another and explore our own feelings on this year’s theme: Loneliness.

For resources on supporting your team’s mental health consider SAMH’s How To Be Mentally Healthy at Work guide: https://www.samh.org.uk/about-mental-health/being-there-for-someone/supporting-employees 


Volunteer Managers Forum - 17 May 

Join us for an opportunity for Renfrewshire's Volunteer Managers and Coordinators to come together and discuss current issues and learn about new programmes and offers. This May session will be an opportunity for the forum to explore issues and share best practice.
The session will be held at the Engage Renfrewshire Hub, 10 Falcon Crescent, Ferguslie with the option to join on MS Teams.
If you would like to attend in person, please register on our Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/renfrewshires-volunteer-managers-forum-may-2022-tickets-324944356317
Please email info@engagerenfrewshire.com if you would like to join on MS Teams or have any questions.


RACA - Networking and Information Session - 01 June


Please save the date and register for our Networking and Information Session where we focus on the Costs of Living Crisis in Renfrewshire.

Join us in-person session at the Finding Your Feet hub in Paisley or if you prefer, you can join us on MS Teams.

We’ve got a great agenda lined up for you and registration is now open on Eventbrite.


Scotland's Census

Eight out of ten households have now submitted their census returns, National Records of Scotland (NRS) have confirmed.

  • Please support any students you work with to complete their census.
  • There is a range of help and support available – including the call centre (freephone 0800 030 8308: offering translation service, telephone completion, ordering a paper questionnaire and requesting an internet access codes), various updated stakeholder promotional materials (including campaign summary in 16 languages), and other information available online.
  • Paper questionnaires are being sent directly to those who may need them.
  • Field operatives continue to work within communities to help people to complete their census.
  • Please remind those who have started their census questionnaire online but not completed/submitted, to do so.
  • If there are any communal establishments who have not completed their census, please immediately call 0800 030 8308.
  • Every household is legally required to complete their returns and people living in Scotland are reminded that failing to do so could result in prosecution and a fine of up to £1000.

Please support your clients and service users to complete their census. The 2022 census will benefit Scotland for many years; it asks questions on a range of topics, including the types of accommodation people stay in, household relationships, age, sex, health and employment status. New questions for the 2022 census include use of British Sign Language (BSL), passports held, previous armed forces history and new voluntary questions on sexual orientation and trans status.


Sanitary Product Consultation

Renfrewshire Council is keen to hear from everyone in the area about how we make free period products available.
This could be if you use them yourself, will use them in future or would pick them up for family or friends.
Please complete our survey here  https://www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/article/12485/Free-period-products-consultation and tell us what you think about the products we should make available and how we should do that.


Renfrewshire's Big Spring Clean

Renfrewshire’s Big Spring Clean is over for 2022 and more than 1,500 took part in litter picks during April.

1,583 people went out on 544 litter picks – that’s more than 18 every day!
Community groups, schools and local people all took part in litter picks across Renfrewshire’s towns and villages, with the Council supporting them with the provision of equipment, health and safety advice and removal of the collected litter.

Local volunteer Linda Kerr took part in the Big Spring Clean and she loves to see the difference she's making in her community.
Linda said: "I love that physically I can see I am making a difference, even in a small way, and I've collected more than 400 bags of litter this year so far. I take my wee trolley with me, and I can easily be out walking for three hours every time I go on a litter pick so it's making me healthier too. It's brilliant meeting new people who are like-minded and want to help, and it's great to see the litter removed once I've collected it - teamwork makes the dreamwork. For now, the Team Up to Clean Up campaign is needed in our communities until we educate future generations properly - and I think we are making a difference."

Visiting schools

Council officers also visited schools to speak to them about the importance of looking after our environment, and the kids were excited to take part in the Big Spring Clean.

Rhys, P5 at Gallowhill Primary, said: "We only have one planet and if it gets destroyed, it's our fault.”, while Abbey Campbell, P3 at Rashielea Primary, said: "I liked how we got to buddy up with the P6s and got to help nature. It's important so that animals don't get hurt from eating the litter."
Ella, P5 at Gallowhill Primary, said: "We were competitive about who collected the most litter” and classmate Thea said: "People are throwing their masks away and they're dangerous to animals and birds."

How can you take part?

The Council will provide litter pickers, hoops, bibs and bags for anyone or any group wishing to take part in a litter pick, and the StreetScene team will collect the bags of litter afterwards too if you let them know where you’ve left them.

To request equipment, you can call 0300 300 1375, email wardens.es@renfrewshire.gov.uk, join our Facebook group at www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/groups/teamuptocleanup or visit our website at www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/teamuptocleanup.

Anyone taking part should consider the health and safety measures in place during litter picks with the Wardens Service able to advise on how to take part safely, including in group settings, and people should only take part if they are comfortable doing so.


GCVS HR  and H&S Training

People and Safety Brochure

Mindfulness - Weds 11th May - 9am to 10am - FREE
Join us for this FREE Mindfulness class where you will learn how to practice mindfulness to become more self-aware, calm and less stressed!
Book your FREE place HERE

Bereavement Awareness & Support - Thurs 12th May - 2pm to 3.30pm - FREE
This session will focus on increasing awareness of coping with bereavement, the practical tasks that confront bereaved people and the emotional consequences attached to these tasks.
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Understanding Dependence & Addiction - Tues 17th May - 2pm to 4pm - FREE
Join us for this FREE session to learn about the signs and effects of substance misuse, how dependence develops and how to offer support
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Managing Remote Staff - Weds 18th May - 10am to 12noon - £30/£45
Managing staff and supporting their health, safety and wellbeing whilst working from home will be discussed in this online session.
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Office Health & Safety - Weds 18th May - 2pm to 4pm - £20/£30
The basics of general office health and safety are covered by this introductory course with an introduction to the common health and safety risks that can be found in an office environment..
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Induction, Performance Management & Appraisals - Thurs 19th May - 10am to 1pm - £30/£45
This session will cover all aspects of managing expectations and performance from day one of employment.
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Yoga - Thurs 19th May - 6pm to 7pm - FREE
Join us for this FREE online Yoga class to improve your flexibility, build strength and reduce stress! Classes are beginner friendly
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Equality & Diversity - Thurs 26th May - 2pm to 4pm - £30/£45
All aspects of managing an inclusive workforce and how to identify and address unconscious bias will be examined in this online session.
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Managing Stress - Weds 1st June - 10am to 12noon - £30/£45
All aspects of managing stress to support staff mental wellbeing be examined at this online session.
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Yoga - Weds 1st June - 9am to 10am - FREE
Join us for this FREE online Yoga class to improve your flexibility, build strength and reduce stress! Classes are beginner friendly
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Introduction to Health and Safety in the Workplace - Tues 7th June - 2pm to 4pm - £20/£30
Covers legal and moral requirements for workplaces and the duties of employers to staff and others affected by their work.
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Mindfulness - Weds 8th June - 9am to 10am - FREE
Join us for this FREE Mindfulness class where you will learn how to practice mindfulness to become more self-aware, calm and less stressed!
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Emotional Awareness - Weds 8th June - 10am to 12pm - FREE
Join us for this FREE session to learn how recognise your emotions as well as build strategies to help with anger
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Support and Supervision - Tues 14th June - 10am to 12noon - £30/£45
Covering all aspects of supporting and supervising staff during normal, challenging times and lockdown
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Fire Safety Awareness - Weds 15th June - 2pm to 4pm - £20/£30
Fire safety remains one of the most important topics with the risk to life and property severe should the worst happen. This course discusses the fire safety basics and best practice.
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Mindfulness - Thurs 16th June - 6pm to 7pm - FREE
Join us for this FREE Mindfulness class where you will learn how to practice mindfulness to become more self-aware, calm and less stressed!
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Absence and Attendance - Thurs 23rd June - 2pm to 4pm - £30/£45
Covering all aspects of absence and attendance, sick leave and pay and how to support underlying health conditions.
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DSE Assessing for Temporary Workplaces - Thurs 23rd June - 2pm to 4pm - £20/£30
To support good physical health and posture and to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury or strain, this course will teach delegates how to carry out a DSE Assessment of various workstations.
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Stress Awareness - Tues 28th June - 2pm to 4pm - FREE
Join us for this FREE online event to learn about stress, stress relief techniques and taking control of your stressors.
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Manual Handling and Working at Height - Tues 28th June - 2pm to 4pm - £20/£30

Whether moving a box of paper or a table, protection from musculoskeletal injury can only be assured when everyone involved knows how to move and handle items correctly. In addition we will cover the hazards and risks of working at height, mitigating liability and protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of those who do work at height.
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