Engage Daily Update - 30 June
Engage Daily Update - 30 June

Engage Daily Update - 30 June


Connecting Scotland

Connecting Scotland Phase 3 - Employability - Closes Monday 05 July

This is a reminder that applications for Phase 3 of the Connecting Scotland programme are open and that the deadline is on Monday 05 July at 5pm for the main employability strand.
Please note there are three strands (the focus isn’t just on employability).
The programme aims to get 60,000 digitally excluded people and households online by the end of 2021.
Public, third sector and voluntary organisations can apply during this third phase of the programme to receive devices, internet connections, training and support for young people and adults who meet the eligibility criteria outlined below. Applications are done at an organisational level and cannot be submitted by individuals.
There are several strands to this phase of the programme.
Strand 1: Employability
Organisations working to remove barriers related to digital exclusion for unemployed young people and adults can make an employability application to the programme.

The criteria for the employability applications are:

  • The individual is digitally excluded; and
  • on low income; and
  • is working to improve their employment prospects; and
  • is currently unemployed.  (some discretion may be applied for people in short-term work placement or insecure employment.)

The closing date for applications is 5pm on Monday 5 July 2021.
Strand 2: Fast Track, up to 10 Devices.  

Strand 3: Fast Track, up to 100 Devices.  Open to Social Housing organisations only.
The criteria for the fast track applications are:  

  • The individual is digitally excluded; and 
  • on low income; and 
  • is at risk of social isolation and loneliness  

There are three priority target groups: Older people, people with disabilities and single parents.
The Fast Track application process remains open throughout July 2021.
If your organisation works with people who meet the above criteria and would like to apply, visit www.connecting.scot for more information.


Engage Member - Return to Life in the Paisley Daily Express

If you would like to feature as a Community Spotlight in the Paisley Daily Express please email us info@engagerenfrewshire.com


Support for Organisations

TFN - Majority of charity staff worried about returning to the office, survey finds



Miss Agnes H Hunter's Trust - Main Grant Programme - The Agnes Hunter Trust was established to support registered charities delivering health and social welfare projects in Scotland. Applications must fit within one of the two policy areas: - charities that help disabled people such as those living with learning disabilities, mental ill health, specific types of cancer, cerebral palsy, autism, visual or physical impairments - charities that assist with the education and training of disadvantaged people aged 16 years or over who have left school

Funding to Encourage People to Get Involved in their Local Community 
Not for profit organisations can apply for grants of between £1,000 and £5,000 to help improve community spaces and deliver sustainable and healthy activities for communities in the UK. The Fund will close on the 14 July 2021, or upon receipt of 1,500 applications, whichever comes first

Inspiring Scotland- Increasing Understanding of Autism fund
A new round of funding is now open, seeking to fund innovative ways of supporting autistic people to access and participate in their communities or engaging non-autistic people to increase their understanding of autism. Applications must be received by 12pm on Tuesday 13 July 2021

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