Engage Daily Update - 28 October
Engage Daily Update - 28 October

Engage Daily Update - 28 October


Publication of the Participation Statement for Draft National Planning Framework 4

Work is ongoing on the development of Scotland’s fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4) and Scottish Government will lay Draft NPF4 in the Scottish Parliament later this autumn and commence a public consultation. 

In advance of this, they have today published their Participation Statement which sets out the broad framework of engagement. Further details will be published alongside the Draft NPF4.
National Planning Framework 4 - Participation Statement - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)
Scottish Government want to encourage responses to the consultation from a wide range of community interests. The Participation Statement therefore sets out how they will highlight opportunities to engage in the consultation and notes that they look to encourage information sharing through networks to communities across Scotland.


Support for Individuals

Renfrewshire Carers Centre Newsletter

Scottish Community Safety NETworks newsletter

How did Renfrewshire's housing associations spend hundreds of thousands of pounds in pandemic aid cash? – Paisley Daily Express
SIX housing associations have revealed the huge scale of their effort to deliver pandemic relief to their communities. The six – five in Renfrewshire and one covering Barrhead - swung into action with financial support to help relieve the unprecedented chaos of the health emergency. The Federation of Local Housing Associations – or FLAIR as it is known - consists of Renfrewshire associations Bridgewater, Ferguslie Park, Williamsburgh, Paisley, Linstone along with Barrhead Housing in East Renfrewshire. Now they have produced their “Community Engagement Across Flair” annual report setting out exactly what they did.


Support for Organisations

Trustees’ Week - Don’t forget to submit your messages of thanks to your trustees. We’ll be sharing messages and resources throughout the week. Trustees often do so much behind the scenes, let’s take the opportunity to spotlight their contributions. Submit your thank you messages here: https://forms.office.com/r/2T8H8eNtF5

SCVO Digital Update


Radiant & Brighter Racial Equality training
We have launched our first Online session due to start in  mid-January 2021 and hope that the next few months before then, will give companies/organisations enough time to plan and book a space on the program. 
We aim to bring together individuals and leaders from the private, public and third sector agencies and companies in a shared learning space. Over a period of 5 weeks at a time, participants will engage in shared learning and exchanging of experiences and good practice. The space will also provide the opportunity to learn about the benefits of ethnic diversity and how to overcome barriers.  Courses will be delivered by highly experienced trainers who will provide knowledge and insights into current trends and good practice also applying their own lived and learned experience. 
A participatory approach will be applied to all courses, giving participants the opportunity to take part in honest, lively, and interactive online training sessions through which they will be able to consider their own understanding of Minority Ethnic communities. They will also be challenged to critically analyse information as well as perceptions, in relation to the workplace culture,  daily working lives as well as personal experiences in an ever growing diverse society. This is an opportunity for different organisations and companies to meet and learn together but also address some of these issues jointly.
The 5 week program will be delivered online via zoom and each course will last 2.5 hours. It will include 5 of our standard courses namely;
Course 1 - Ethnicity, Diversity and Equality, 13 January 2022
This course will explore how these three concepts function in the work environment and give participants a better understanding of ethnic diversity and culture. Participants will also gain a better understanding of terminology around ethnicity as well as how to how to practically encourage and promote equality and diversity within the workplace in relation to policies.
Course 2 - Implicit Bias, 20 January 2022 
In this interactive workshop, participants will learn and understand their own biases and how to address not only their own biases but any that might present in their workplaces, structures, employment and recruitment systems. Participants will also learn about how perceptions affect the way we work and how we engage with people from different cultures.
Course 3 -Engagement with Diverse Communities, 27 January 2022
This course will explore the structural barriers and how best to engage with diverse communities. It will give participants a better understanding of barriers to engagement with diverse communities and successful engagement traits. Participants will also be challenged to consider and reflect on the barriers within their workplace cultures and how best to address them.
Course 4, - Cross-culture communication, 03 January 2022 
Through this course, participants will be made more aware of communication traits with clients/customers from different cultures, both verbal and non-verbal. They will also also reflect on their own communication behaviours in relation to diversity and the impact they may have on businesses and organisations.
Course 5 -Anti-Discrimination, Inclusion and Anti-Racism, 10 January 2022 
This course will equip and inspire participants to better promote and develop more inclusive workplaces. It will also explore anti-discriminatory practices and how to promote an anti-racist culture within the organisation/company.
The cost for each person per session is £135.00. Contact Micheal Matovu michealmatovu@radiantandbrighter.com to book your place(s) of up to 15 people per session.


Online Events

GWT invite you to IG Housing, Places and Spaces network meeting
Monday 08 November 2021 - 2:30pm - 4:30pm
We will be joined by:
Nancy Henkin, Generations United Fellow 
Intergenerational Living and Learning: Possibilities and Promising Practices
This workshop will highlight examples of shared sites, housing communities, public facilities and outdoor spaces that have intergenerational relationship building at their core. We will explore strategies for assessing your organization and community, building partnerships, designing spaces that promote interaction, training staff, and creating ways to foster cross-age intergenerational connection.
Book your place here

Child Disability Payment - Supporting Information – Information for Third Sector Stakeholders
Join Social Security Scotland's Child Disability Payment session focussing on Supporting Information. The presentation team are hosting an event on Thursday 04 Nov from 1pm – 2:15pm for Third Sector organisations.
This event will be more of a feedback session with the presenters sharing how they have developed the supporting information process, a review of the accompanying guidance and an opportunity for stakeholders to comment on this.
 For more info and to book



Engage Renfrewshire has received funding from the Scottish Government to be distributed by us, locally. The intended outcome of this Fund is to “develop a culture of mental wellbeing and prevention within local communities and across Scotland with improved awareness of how we can all stay well and help ourselves and others”. The overarching aim of the Fund is to support community based initiatives that promote and develop good mental health and wellbeing and/or mitigate and protect against the impact of distress and mental ill health within the adult population, with a particular focus in 2021/22 on:

1. Tackling priority issues within the Transition and Recovery Plan such as suicide prevention, social isolation and loneliness, prevention and early intervention

2. Addressing the mental health inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic and the needs of a range of ‘at risk’ groups locally

3. Supporting small ‘grass roots’ community groups and organisations to deliver such activities

4. Providing opportunities for people to connect with each other, build trusted relationships and revitalise communities

5. Supporting recovery and creativity locally by building on what is already there, what was achieved through the pandemic, and by investing in creative solutions

Who can apply

The ambition of this Fund is to support initiatives which promote mental health and wellbeing at a small scale, grass roots, community level. It is accessible to all groups, no matter how small or inexperienced they are. It can support both new and existing groups or projects. Your group does not have to have mental health and wellbeing as your main focus, but your application does have to clearly benefit the mental wellbeing of people in your community.

Applications will be accepted from a range of voluntary, ‘not for profit’ organisations, associations, groups and clubs or consortiums/partnerships which have a strong community focus for their activities. The range of organisations that can apply are:

  • Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations (SCIO)
  • Unincorporated Associations
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee
  • Trusts
  • Not-for-profit company or asset locked company or Community Interest Companies (CIC)
  • Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies
  • Community councils

We will have an official launch during mid-November when full details of the fund will be explained. We have arranged very informal virtual information sessions to chat about the fund. Book on Eventbrite


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