Engage Daily Update - 26 July
Engage Daily Update - 26 July

Engage Daily Update - 26 July


Exemptions from Self-isolation

The Scottish Government have announced details of sectors that are eligible to apply for exemption from self-isolation.

Initially, this appears to be aimed at ‘critical’ national infrastructure roles where staff shortages are in danger of putting essential services, such as health and social care, transport and the provision of food supplies at risk.

There are 13 sectors where employers will be allowed to apply for temporary isolation exemptions.
These include health, energy, defence, chemicals, government, food, transport and the emergency services (full list still to be published).

Under this new process, before a staff member who is a close contact of a positive case can return to work, they must fulfil the following criteria:

  • be fully vaccinated, having had their second dose at least 14 days before exposure
  • be asymptomatic, and be in possession of a valid vaccination record (available from NHS Inform here)
  • have evidence of a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test
  • return a daily negative lateral flow test for up to 10 days after exposure
  • fully comply with any PPE requirements, hand hygiene and other infection control measures

Applications can be made via the Scottish Government website and will be required to demonstrate:

  • that the organisation meets the definition of CNI as set out here Critical National Infrastructure | CPNI
  • how self-isolation is impacting critical functions and services
  • what steps have already been taken to address this pressure
  • the impact of no action
  • the scope of the requested exemption – location, number of staff etc
  • whether they are currently engaging with a local IMT regarding outbreak management

Health, social care and local services will have a different process and this will be communicated separately.

The full Scottish Government release can be found here


Support for Individuals

POP News No. 30


Support for Organisations

CORRA Foundation - 2020 – Learning and Insights from Grant Making


Funder of the Week

Brownlie Charitable Trust

The objectives of Brownlie Charitable Trust are widely drawn. The trustees will employ their discretion in order to determine which charitable initiatives they support. They fund mostly under the headings of adult and child welfare and medical research but also support armed services welfare, humanitarian aid and education.

Fund award sizes
Minimum: £1,000
Maximum: £10,000
When to apply
The trustees meet in November each year and all applications should be received by mid-October.

Apply in writing to the Trust
Shepherd & Wedderburn LLP 1 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 1RW
0141 566 9900



Roar – Connections for Life - Project Worker

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