Engage Daily Update - 26 February
Engage Daily Update - 26 February

Engage Daily Update - 26 February


Support for Individuals

RAMH Webinar - How to deal with unhelpful thinking:

NHS Audio guides 
Living life to the full 
7 ways to help with racing thoughts 
Grounding exercise 

To join these webinars, please contact James Power James.Power@ramh.org



SCVO - Digital Inclusion Fund

With support from Scottish Government, BT and Cellnex  two new funds are about to be launched to support the work of Scotland’s Digital Participation Charter. The funds will work to support people to get online and help build further capacity and learning around access, confidence, motivation and skills. The funds are available through a single application process: 

The Digital Participation Charter Fund has awards of up to £10,000 available for organisations to enable them to embed passing on essential digital skills to the people they work with and support 

The Devices Refurbishment Support Fund has awards of up to £15,000 available to support existing organisations refurbishing, refreshing, and redistributing second-hand devices 

More information is available at https://scvo.scot/funding/digital-participation    


Online Events

Virtual Funding Fayre - 30 March at 10am - Funders attending include Paths For All, Corra Foundation, Gannochy Trust, Renfrewshire Council.

Choose Life Awareness Sessions April - June A Conversation about : series of workshops


Winding up a Charity

It might not be something that we want to talk about. But charities do unfortunately have to close down, wind-up or disolve. The Charity’s constitution provides the step by step way to go about that. To help with the process the Office of Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) has listed some top tips to consider if you find yourself having to start the process.
Applying to dissolve a solvent SCIO – top tips to get it right In supporting charities to have good governance and get things right first time, we have recently noticed a small number of common issues with applications from SCIOs that are solvent but want to dissolve. We have turned these issues into four top tips to help charity trustees of SCIOs in this situation to follow the correct processes and provide us with the correct information first time so that we can deal with the application as efficiently as possible.

Here are the 4 top tips:
1. Understand what the charitable purposes of your SCIO are as set out in your governing document – this will help you to select an appropriate recipient for the remaining funds your SCIO has.

2. Remember to name a recipient body on your application even where there are little or no assets to distribute. This is a legal requirement and we cannot process your application without this information.

3. Make sure the charitable purposes that the recipient body has in its governing document are the same as or closely resemble the ones your SCIO has in its governing document. Please note that it is not appropriate for your local Third Sector Interface (TSI) to be the named recipient.

4. Once you have passed the necessary resolution to dissolve, send the completed application to OSCR within 21 days of the resolution date. This is a legal requirement and we cannot process your application if we receive it after the 21 days has passed.
For much more information please go to:- https://www.oscr.org.uk/managing-a-charity/making-changes-and-reorganising/making-changes-to-your-charity/making-changes-to-your-charity/wind-up-or-dissolve-the-charity/

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