Engage Daily Update - 24 March
Engage Daily Update - 24 March

Engage Daily Update - 24 March


Support for Individuals

Pop News Issue 22



Bank of Scotland Foundation, has launched its Invest grant programme – a multi-year programme for charities helping vulnerable people manage various financial issues, including those who were already facing significant difficulties with their finances before the pandemic, and those who are now accessing charity support services for the first time as a direct result


Local Partnership Funding Feedback

Please provide feedback on your 2020-21 grant

It’s now time to start thinking about providing feedback on your 2020/21 grant. Please tell us what’s happened and the impact you’ve made in your community using the online feedback form here by 30 April.
Applying for funding this year too? It’s important that you know we will be including feedback from previous applications at the Local Partnerships this year.
Did things not go to plan in 2020?

It’s been a difficult and uncertain year, and we understand that things might not have gone to plan with your project last year. If you don’t think you will have spent all your project funding by the end of March 2021, or you would like to use the funding differently to how you originally hoped then it’s important you let us know - get in touch with us at this address communityplanning@renfrewshire.gov.uk



Were you volunteering at the start of Covid in March 2020? 
The Health and Wellbeing team at Volunteer Edinburgh are eager to find out what happened to those people who required support to volunteer because of a disability or health condition. 
Did you carry on volunteering or did it come to an end? Do you think it will start up again? 
Please click on the link and complete the survey. 
It’ll take less than 5 minutes 


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