Engage Daily Update - 23 June
Engage Daily Update - 23 June

Engage Daily Update - 23 June


Scottish Government Update

Scotland’s Strategic Framework Update - Updated June 2021


Support for Individuals

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Renfrewshire Carers Newsletter


Online Events/Training


Community Engagement in Primary Care

The next Community Engagement webinar takes place on Wednesday 14 July at 2.00pm and will see a number of presenters speak on ‘Community Engagement in Primary Care’.
At the webinar we will look at different ways of engaging people in the work of primary care. We will cover:

  • How a Patient Participation Group can contribute to and enhance the engagement activities undertaken by primary care practitioners,
  • Ways in which people have been involved in different areas of primary care,
  • The Community Engagement in Primary Care event held in November last year, and
  • The support that Healthcare Improvement Scotland Community Engagement can provide

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The Cruach Trust (UK)
The Cruach Trust, which is a small charity, which provides financial support for gardeners, retired gardeners and for preserving gardens throughout the United Kingdom has announced that the next deadline for applications is the 10th September 2021. The funding is available to registered or recognised charities, societies, trusts or other bodies. There is a preference for small local and national charities. Previous projects supported have included grants for gardens, wildlife and the natural environment; grants for music, the arts and cultural charities; and grants for organisations working with children, the elderly and vulnerable.


Challenge Poverty Week 2021

The Poverty Alliance invites you to join their Get Involved meeting for charities and community organisations, which will take place on 29 June - from 10am-11am. The meeting will showcase the different ways you can raise your voice and make a difference during the week, and talk you through the various resources offered. You can register here.

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