Engage Daily Update - 23 February
Engage Daily Update - 23 February

Engage Daily Update - 23 February


Victim Support Scotland - Victims Awareness Week
The week takes place between 22 – 28 February, led by Victim Support Scotland (VSS) and promotes the support that is available for people affected by crime.

The main aim of the week is to highlight the support available to people affected by crime across the country.
The secondary aim is to provide insight about the support VSS provides to victims, witnesses and their families so that more people will feel encouraged to seek support.

Victims Awareness Week 2021 Toolkit


Support for Organisations

OSCR - 'Grace Period' coming to an end. This means that charities with deadlines from 01 April 2021 onwards will no longer receive additional time, and so should again plan to submit within 9 months of a year-end date. Find out more here: http://bit.ly/3ptUvJN

Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce - February 2021 eNews


Scottish Churches Architectural Heritage Trust (SCAHT) - Support to assist congregations of any denomination in Scotland in the preservation and upkeep of church buildings which are in regular use for public worship. Funding is also available for conservation work on items of special artistic quality or having associations with the history of the building and its significance to the community.
Foundation Scotland - Grants to support community groups working with young people in music in Scotland

NFU Mutual - Grants are available for community initiatives and charitable events that are local to the business operations of NFU Mutual across the UK



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