Engage Daily Update - 21 January
Engage Daily Update - 21 January

Engage Daily Update - 21 January


Support for Individuals

Our Voice Peer Support Group – 21 January - Despite all the challenges that the Coronavirus has brought, we are still supporting families through our ‘Our Voice’ Peer Support Group. The group offers peer support to children and young people aged between 8-18 years affected by imprisonment. The group is delivered via Zoom online (during lockdown) and is for all children, young people and families whether they have regular contact with their family member in prison, or no contact at all.


Support for Organisations

OSCR - Brexit – What action can my charity take now?

SCVO Digital Update



Comic Relief - Grants for not-for-profit organisations to define, test and develop digital solutions, or re-purpose existing technology in order to meet a social need or challenge in one of Comic Relief's core issue areas
Family Fund Trust - Grants are available to help families, or groups applying on their behalf, who are raising a disabled or seriously ill child or young person aged 17 years or younger


Funding Blog - Henry Smith Charity

This week we will note the actual process you must go through when making an application.

Application process

Applications for this programme are submitted online using our application form. Please ensure you read the full guidelines before starting your application and refer to the application form help text as you complete your application.

Create an Account
Eligibility Quiz
Completing your application
Stage 1 Assessment 3 – 8 weeks.
Stage 2 Applications up to 4 months
Assessment visit
Decision. These are made quarterly by the Trustees and successful applicants will hear within 2 weeks of the decision being made.

More details on this process and a list of case-studies of successful applicants and other important information


Online Training/Events

Introduction to Wellbeing Economy - Friday 22 January 2021, 10am-11:30am
Costs: FREE to attend *Cancellation policy applies*
In its Programme for Government, the Scottish Government continues to highlight their commitment to build a wellbeing economy in Scotland. What does it actually mean? Why is it relevant? This is relevant to the Promise, the Family Support work, Commissioning etc. It is crucial we understand the languages and the concept when we enter partnership discussions.
Click here to book a place
Collective Leadership Workshop - Wednesday 27 January 2021, 1pm – 3pm or 
Thursday 28 January 2021, 10am -12noon (please choose one only)

Costs: FREE to attend *Cancellation policy applies
The workshop will help individuals and teams to understand and experience the theory and practice of collective leadership, and to explore what supports us to work well in complexity. There will also be opportunities to discuss potential tailored support for local partnerships after the session.
Click here for book a place



Care Inspectorate Team Manager – Adults and Early Learning and Childcare


Generations Working Together

National Intergenerational Week (8 – 14 March 2021) 
This year GWT is excited to be leading the National Intergenerational Week in partnership with Linking Generations Northern Ireland, Bridging the Generations, Wales and The Cares Family, England. In its second year, the campaign is about celebrating those ideas, moments and opportunities local to us where different age groups come together and intergenerational friendships are made! It gives us a chance to consider planning for the future and developing new themes such as developing spaces and places. Opportunities for generations to connect will become even more important as we emerge from the current pandemic, so we aim to inspire more people to build relationships between different generations! 
Show your support for all things intergenerational by adding your company logo to the National Intergenerational Week website.
Join us on #IntergenerationalWeek as we say no to the age gap. 
National Intergenerational Conference 
Generations Working Together is hosting its annual Conference online, over three days from the 8th - 12th March 2021.  This year, we will host six Zoom webinars covering topics including: housing, ageism, faith communities, food, research and innovation, each lasting one and a half hours. Prices start at £10 per day for members/£15 for non-members, or you can book a week's pass for all three days costing £25 for members and £38 for non-members. GWT's Excellence Awards will be celebrated during the week and presented during some of the webinars.  Please note membership is free to everyone living in Scotland and to International Students.
To find out more visit our website 


Mrs Marion Dawson, the third oldest person in Scotland and most senior in Greater Glasgow & Clyde, received her COVID vaccination on her 108th birthday in Houston, Renfrewshire.
Mrs Dawson, who was born in 1913, has lived through two World Wars as well as the Spanish flu pandemic.
She was vaccinated by Dr Diane Fisher at Houston & Killellan Kirk, which is being used by her local GP surgery, to deliver COVID vaccinations to the local community.
After receiving her vaccination, Mrs Dawson said; “I’m glad it’s passed. I never felt a thing!”
Dr Mark Storey, practice partner and one of the vaccination team said: “It’s been a very difficult year in General Practice and society as a whole. In our practice we have a family of 10,000 patients, so we are delighted to start vaccinating, especially with Mrs Dawson. Happy Birthday, Mrs Dawson!”

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