Engage Daily Update - 19 January
Engage Daily Update - 19 January

Engage Daily Update - 19 January


It is Children’s Mental Health Week from February 1-7 with the theme: Express Yourself

For more info visit Children's Mental Health Week 2021
Next week we’ll also send out downloadable Renfrewshire styled materials for your organisation to use.


Support for Individuals

COVID vaccination programme update

Super Saturday: mass clinic vaccinates 5,000 staff at NHS Louisa Jordan

Minority Ethnic Matters Overview - 18 January 

Bus Services to NHS Hospitals 


Support for Organisations

GCVS Coronavirus Update

TFN - January 2021


Online Events/Training

Engage in Conversation - Community Cohesion Zoom session, 25th January 2021

The next Our Children forum is on Wednesday Feb 3, 10-11.30am. The guest speakers are Samantha King (Barnardo’s) covering new funding opportunities, Alan Clark (Create Paisley) to discuss involvement in the 2021 Open Minds Summit and Scottish Mental Health Arts Fest. Also we’ll be learning about important report findings from Neil Cowan (Poverty Alliance), plus Debbie Fleming (Health Improvement) will introduce the Healthy Minds training on offer in 2021.
Click here to join the meeting

Coronavirus vaccines: safety and effectiveness in people with diabetes - 7pm,  20 January. With lots in the news at the moment about the different coronavirus vaccines, you might have some questions about how they work and how effective they are for people living with diabetes

Living emotionally well with your diabetes- 1pm, 21 January. This is an event for people living with diabetes, including those who are carers or partners of someone with diabetes. A recording will be made available after the event

Being a parent or carer to a child with type 1 - 7pm, 28 January. Virtual Q&A Panel Session. Made up of parents of type1 children, who will talk about how they’ve managed their biggest challenges.


Alliance - My World, My Health Survey

The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) are currently running the My World, My Health project. It aims to discuss the wider factors which contribute to our wellbeing, and how data linked to these factors could be used better. These wider determinants are not necessarily ‘medical’ and could include aspects of our lives such as environment, employment, lifestyle and the communities or society that we live in.

During November, the ALLIANCE held workshops to hear people’s views on the subject. Alongside further workshops planned for January 2021, they have launched a public survey. The survey draws on early insights from the November workshops and poses some additional scenarios and provocations to get the public’s views.

For more background on the project, you can listen to the ALLIANCE live project podcast. In the recording, the My World, My Health Project Manager is joined by colleagues from the Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre, Chaloner Chute (Chief Technology Officer) and Dr Kate Mark (Public Health doctor), to discuss the various implications of using data for better outcomes. For updates, visit the My World, My Health project page

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