Engage Daily Update - 17 December
Engage Daily Update - 17 December

Engage Daily Update - 17 December


Support for Individuals

Police Scotland - Shop Online Safely 4


Support for Organisations

Ahead of the festive break and in the absence of in person training or meeting opportunities the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Self Harm Forum has produced a range of information for staff providing support and advice to people who may be self harming


Funder of the Week

This week we have promoted the Corra Foundation. In their Micro Grants application question number 2 asks…
2 Funding request
If you are applying for funding towards the general running costs of your charity, we would expect that the vast majority (at least 70% ) of your day to day work fits clearly with the current theme of “Enabling families to cope with the impacts of poverty”.. Otherwise, you should apply for specific costs of a project or activities which clearly fit with the current theme. If your project has a name, please let us know. Tell us about the work that will take place.

This should include details of:  

  • Planned work, activities or services that will take place.
  • Where work will take place and who will deliver it (own staff or external partners).
  • How many people will take part and how often.  
  • Who is the work aimed at.  
  • What issues are faced by the people taking part.
  •  Whether it is existing or new work.
  • What made you decide to do this work.

Example: We will continue to run two weekly cooking classes for families affected by poverty on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the local community centre. 60 people attend each evening, 25 parents and 35 children, in total 120 per week and sessions last 2 hours, one hour cooking and one hour sharing food, exchanging recipes and chatting. The local CAB and DWP also give talks once per month and are on hand to give support and information on benefits, etc. Funding will help with the cost to hire the hall for 40 weeks of the year and pay for ingredients for the cooking classes. All families are living in an area of deprivation, 80% are on benefits, only 20% have one member of the family in work. All are struggling to feed their families on a low income and want to share their coping methods with others to help them through these difficult times.



Online Events/Training

Intergenerational Network Meeting - Wednesday 27th January 2021

The Tudor Trust Funding Spotlight Session - 28 January 


Generations Working Together

We would like to extend an invitation to two representatives to become voting members from the Greater Renfrewshire & Inverclyde Network to attend the Generations Working Together Annual General Meeting 

Wednesday, 3rd February 2021 

1pm – 2pm via Zoom 

Our constitution states that our AGM is an opportunity for the general members of each Local Network to elect 2 representatives to be voting members (normally this will include the volunteer Local Network Coordinator if the network has one in place). The normal term of office for a voting member will be 2 years however people may stand for re-election at the end of each term of office. 

We are inviting members to take this place from across Scotland, to support the work of Generations Working Together, please contact Sarah, as soon as possible to register your interest.  


Generations Working Together is delighted to announce the launch of the 2021 Awards for Excellence in Intergenerational Work

Generations Working Together - Excellence in Intergenerational Work Award Guidelines 2021

Generations Working Together - Excellence in Intergenerational Work Award Nomination Form

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