Engage Daily Update - 16 December
Engage Daily Update - 16 December

Engage Daily Update - 16 December


Support for Individuals

Venture Trust - Cycle Change Employability Programme 

Renfrewshire Carers Centre - Winter Newsletter 2020


Support for Organisations

Third Force News




All the committee members should be involved in the application process at some point. From agreeing to go ahead with the application at a committee meeting, to taking on responsibility for a part of the application, they will all feel part of the process and when asked questions about the project, they will have the necessary information to answer.

If you have any questions or want to know more then please contact us on info@engagerenfrewshire.com

Funding for Charities to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Great Britain
The new £1 million Carbon Emissions Reduction Fund is offering grants that meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate measurable and lasting reductions in the carbon intensity of energy end use and accelerate the transition to net zero carbon
  • Show a realistic prospect of delivering broadly replicable benefits to existing and/or future energy consumers
  • Proved to be efficiently managed throughout the project.


Applications are now being accepted for the next round of the John Ellerman Foundation’s Museums and Galleries Fund which aims to strengthen regional museums and galleries in the UK. A total of £500,000 of funding is available each year for applications which enable new ways of working both for established curators and those just starting out; and ensure organisations are able to safeguard and advance curatorial skills through a time of development or change. The Foundation focus on visual and decorative arts and social and natural history collections, and expects to make no more than five or six grants of around £90,000 for periods of two to three years. Higher amounts will be considered for exceptional projects

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