Engage Daily Update - 16 August
Engage Daily Update - 16 August

Engage Daily Update - 16 August


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Childcare First Nursery Manager

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Support for Individuals

RAMH - 10 Tips for good Mental Health 


Support for Organisations

SCVO Scottish Charity Awards Finalists 2021


Online Events

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The Prince’s Countryside Fund provides grants for projects from across the UK which are working to create resilient rural communities. This fund will support community-led projects that are pursuing innovative and strategic solutions to the challenges facing their rural area and improving the long-term viability and resilience of their community.
Applications are encouraged from properly constituted, community-led organisations with a turnover under £500,000 per year, who can demonstrate how beneficiaries will be drawn directly from the local rural community.
The Prince’s Countryside Fund is open for grant applications from 9 August 2021 until midday on 17 September 2021.


Funder of the Week

The True Colours Trust
The Trust only funds registered charities or activities with clearly defined charitable purposes.

Our work is focused on:

  • improving access to palliative care for babies, children and young people in the UK
  • enabling disabled children and young people to live their lives to the full
  • improving access to pain relief and palliative care in Africa.

We run two small grants programmes for which we have an open application process – one for work in the UK and another for work in Africa.
We will consider applications from organisations working with children and young people aged from 0 – 25 years.


  • Activities for disabled children, children with life-limiting conditions and their families.
  • Activities which support siblings of disabled children or siblings of children with life-limiting conditions.
  • Bereavement support for children and young people.
  • Family support / parent-led peer support for parents of disabled children.
  • Respite which supports the whole family.
  • Support for disabled children and children with life-limiting conditions who are shielding or unable to return to school due to Covid-19.

Equipment and Materials:

  • Adaptations to services including PPE, digital service provision and physical changes to spaces to make projects Covid-19 compliant.
  • Technology to support children and families who are isolated due to Covid-19. (We are unable to make grants to individuals).
  • Renovation, upgrading and additional equipment for hydrotherapy pools and multi-sensory rooms.
  • Minibuses.
  • Specialised play equipment / access to play and leisure for disabled children, children with life-limiting conditions and their families. 

It provides grants of up to £10,000, although many grants are smaller than this. The programme is open to applications at any time.
About your Organisation
Please provide your registered charity number or Community Interest Company number (Please note: organisations which are not registered charities or CICs are not eligible to apply)
For more information on this fund please go to:- https://www.truecolourstrust.org.uk/


Funding Blog 

One thing that most people say to me when they first get in touch about completing funding applications is that it takes so long to do, it feels like an exceptionally long and arduous journey.
That is what it is exactly like. Logging in online and double checking you are eligible to apply is like checking to see if there is any availability at your favourite holiday location. If not, then it all stops there.  Checking that you have all the correct documentation and filled the form in properly, is the part you fill in your passport and personal details. If these are all in order then you move onto the bit where you get the email saying your holidays are booked, something similar to the funder saying, well done you have been successful. Then once that is done you come home, show the photos, and tell everyone it was great, which in the funding world is when you tell the funder all the worthwhile things you used their money for and show them the evidence.  
So how can we help out our members on this journey? Choosing and booking a holiday can be straightforward, we have done it loads of times. Filling in a funding application that’s different. What if we were to give you some hints and tips from those who have been on and are part of the journey, so that they can help you get to where you want to be? Over the next few weeks, we will include 4 blogs on our ealert and all 4 blogs on our website from:

The applicant, who has completed a funding application form
A funding officer, who scores applications and ensures everything is in place
The Trustee, who decides on who receives funding
The evaluator, who will ask for the reports and evidence  

The applicant
The person who has been volunteered or has agreed to starting and completing the application process. Thank goodness they have said yes because some of those forms ask for a lot of information or are written in very formal language.
“Filling out funding forms can be daunting. Especially when it’s a large form that requires loads of information. Others are quick and easy. I understand larger funding amounts need more information, however it would be good if funders let you know exactly what they will fund before you fill in a lengthy form. When you read the criteria you tick all the boxes. Only for them to turn round and say this isn’t something we would fund. It’s disheartening. Some funders are amazing at keeping in contact with you. However, some you’re left wondering for weeks what’s happening.”
(Community Group, Paisley.)
Understanding that this process will take time is really important. It could take weeks or months. Plus, you might even be completing an application form that does not even award money for what your group needs, and you find that out towards the end. You can avoid this by always checking the guidelines and criteria, which are there to help and guide you, rather than trip you up. It may seem strange, but the funders really do want to give their money to good causes that they believe in. 
(Community Group Renfrewshire)

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