Engage Daily Update - 15 March
Engage Daily Update - 15 March

Engage Daily Update - 15 March


Young Person’s Guarantee

This week over on our social media we’ll be highlighting volunteering as part of our work on the #YPGuarantee with Invest In Renfrewshire.  

The Young Person’s Guarantee offers all young people the opportunity of: 

  • An apprenticeship 

  • Fair employment including work experience 

  • Participating in a formal volunteering programme 

  • Training 

  • Going to university or college 

You’ll be connected to opportunities and signposted to people and information that can help depending on the route that’s right for you.  

To find out more about the guarantee head to ypguaranteerenfrewshire.com and if you’d like to support by hosting a young volunteer in your programme get in touch with us now.  


Support for Individuals

NHS GG&C Mental Health Snippet


Support for Organisations

Cyber Alert - NCSC advice following Microsoft vulnerabilities exploitation


Our funder of the week is Co-op Local Community Fund.
The Co-op Local Community Fund supports projects across the UK that our members care about. Every time our members buy selected Co-op branded products and services, we'll give local causes a helping hand.

Applications are currently closed. We choose new causes for our communities every 12 months. Applications will open again in Spring 2021.

To be accepted you must have a project in mind that will benefit your local community. Many applications are from charities or local community groups, but as long as your organisation isn’t run for private profit you can apply.

To apply, you must meet the organisation requirements set out by Co-op's Local Community Fund.
Your cause and your Project also need to be in keeping with Co-op's values.

You can make an application if your Project:

  • brings the community together to help those in need, providing access to life’s essentials such as community spaces, food and bereavement support.
  • supports the mental and physical health of others through community wellbeing activities.
  • Enables people to develop or share their skills to foster community spirit and build resilient communities for the future.

We'll also give priority to local charities and other organisations with an income of less than £1 million a year.

We’ll consider more than one application per organisation in any giving period, as long as the Project clearly benefits a specified local community and the grant will be ring fenced solely for the Project and local community, as stated in the application form.

For more information on the fund and to find out the date when the fund re-opens please go to:- https://causes.coop.co.uk/terms-and-conditions


What is Off the Bench?

Off the Bench is a 16-week, one day per week programme, for 18-24-year-olds who have committed, or are considered likely to commit offences or engage in anti-social behaviour, particularly, but not limited to offences in and around football matches in Scotland.

Young people, aged 18-24, will work towards:

  • Three different SQA certificates to help with employability
  • Scottish FA coaching badges delivered by qualified Scottish FA coaches
  • Saltire Award, through a community volunteering project

The programme is funded by Cashback for Communities and is supported by a number of key partners. More information can be found in the attached materials.


When does it start?

We are aiming to kick off in Spring 2021 – only 5 or so weeks away!

How can young people get involved?

We would ask agencies and partners to complete the Cashback Off the Bench Registration Form on behalf of their young people and submit the initial information (you don’t need to complete again if you have previously sent in applications for participants, but please feel free to refer any more). This will be sent directly to Mandy at the SPFL Trust who will then be in touch within 2 working days to discuss. It is important to us to work with agencies and partners to ensure we find young people who will benefit from Off the Bench and can commit to the 16-weeks.


Marketing Materials

Please share with anyone you are working with to inform them about Off the Bench.

Off the Bench - Participant Flyer

Off the Bench - Referral Flyer

Places are limited to 20, so we would ask you to get in touch via the Registration Form.


Survey - Coeliac disease - University of Bristol 

Would you want to start a gluten-free diet if there was a 50% chance that you have coeliac disease? Or would you choose to have a biopsy to be more certain of the diagnosis?
We are researchers at the University of Bristol who want to improve the diagnosis of coeliac patients. Only 1 in 4 patients with coeliac disease know they have the disease. Following a strict gluten-free diet is very important if you have coeliac disease.
With this survey, we want to find out how sure people want to be that they have coeliac disease before starting a gluten-free diet. It takes about 20 minutes and we will show you three short videos that tell you more about coeliac disease and the diet, and then you answer some questions. Anyone living in the UK can participate.
By filling out this survey you could win a £50 Amazon voucher.  The closing date for submissions is 17 March 2021

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