Engage Daily Update - 15 April
Engage Daily Update - 15 April

Engage Daily Update - 15 April


Local Partnership Applications 2021/22 -  deadline 18th April 

Please note that the closing date for applications is midnight on the 18th April 2021. You can find all the important information here, including the application form, guidance documents, and each set of Local Priorities. Please take the time to read the guidance, and make sure your application addresses the Local Priorities of the area you are applying to.
Please provide feedback on your 2020-21 grant
If you have received funding from Local Partnerships last year, please tell us what’s happened and the impact you’ve made in your community using the online feedback form here by 30 April.
Applying for funding this year too? It’s important that you know we will be including feedback from previous applications at the Local Partnerships this year.
Did things not go to plan in 2020 & you are not sure about 2021
It’s been a difficult and uncertain year, and we understand that things might not have gone to plan with your project last year. If you are not sure how COVID-19 will impact your project this year or if you have any other questions please get in touch with us by phone: 07483 946613 or email communityplanning@renfrewshire.gov.uk so we can have a chat about it.


Support for Individuals

Pop News Issue 23


Support for Organisations

GCVS Weekly Update 


Online Events

Engage in Conversation - Ethnic Minority Employee Engagement Tickets, Mon 19 Apr 2021 at 16:00 | Eventbrite

The next DigiRen meeting is just one week away now on Wednesday 21 April at 2pm
You can signing up for free on the Eventbrite link here
We have speakers discussing the Digital Citizen work stream and how you can help shape it, exploring some online collaboration tools and also information about online safety from Carol Peters, the Cyber Security Architect within Renfrewshire Council



Firstport - Social Entrepreneurs Fund - Up to £5,000 of start-up funding for individuals with a business idea that addresses a social, environmental, and/or community issue


Funder of the Week 

Merchant House of Glasgow

Still wondering if you could apply to the Merchant’s House of Glasgow? Have a look through a list of those who have been successful in accessing funding. You might recognise 1 or 2 organisations from the Renfrewshire area. https://www.merchantshouse.org.uk/2019
2 of the questions on the form ask you to:-
Please attach your organisations latest bank statement
Please attach a copy of your organisations latest audited accounts
Please make sure you have these documents up to date and are near hand before applying
As well as offering funding, The Merchant’s House of Glasgow are also able to provide other services, such as assistance with grant-making policy-to the handling of applications and processing of grants.  

For more information on these additional services go to:- https://www.merchantshouse.org.uk/charity-support-

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