Engage Daily Update - 10 March
Engage Daily Update - 10 March

Engage Daily Update - 10 March


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The National Churches Trust - Grants are available to support the conservation and sustainable use of church buildings in the UK, focusing on larger and more complex projects with priority given to urgent structural repairs or the introduction of kitchens and accessible toilets.


Clyde Mission - Call for Ideas

Clyde Mission is looking for responses to the recently launched Clyde Mission 'Call for Ideas' and is seeking help in raising awareness of the call among those who work, live, travel or contribute to the areas within the footprint of the Mission. The deadline for responses to the Call is 29 March 2021.
The Clyde Mission is a national, place-based, mission to make the Clyde an engine of sustainable and inclusive growth for the city, the region and Scotland.
The Mission seeks to use the river and land immediately next to it as a national, strategic asset to drive sustainable and inclusive growth. It covers the River Clyde and adjacent (around 500m either side) from the Lowther Hills in South Lanarkshire through to the opening of the river between Gourock in Inverclyde and Dunoon in Argyll and Bute.
Our  Missions are to:
Create new, good and green jobs and a workforce with the skills to secure those jobs. 
Use vacant and derelict land for the benefit of the economy, the environment and communities.
Adapt to climate risks, especially flooding.
Accelerate Scotland’s progress to net zero.
Use the river to create better places for people and communities. 

We want to ensure that key agencies, businesses, community groups, individuals and other groups who live and work along the river are made aware of the call and would appreciate your views on what the Missions mean for your organisation, what success would look like, what your organisation’s priority actions would be, and who should be involved in the work.
The Call for Ideas can be accessed here
If you would like to discuss the Call for Ideas please e-mail us at clydemission@gov.scot

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