Engage Daily Update - 09 December
Engage Daily Update - 09 December

Engage Daily Update - 09 December


Volunteer recruitment during Christmas closure

If you foresee a need to recruit volunteers between 19 December 2020 and 11 January 2021 please let us know now.
Our volunteering website - volunteer.engagerenfrewshire.com - has the capability to promote new opportunities to all 800+ registered Renfrewshire residents with just a few clicks, but you need to be registered first.
Get in touch with our volunteer development officer today to get your organisation set up as a volunteer opportunity provider.  


Changes to services over the festive period

Stroke Association Helpline - Festive Opening Hours


Support for Individuals

Active Communities - Jingle Bell Elf Trail

Scottish Recovery Network - Meaningful connections - How peer support in Scotland adapted to a digital world during Covid-19


Support for Organisations

Fundraising in the time of COVID 19 - How the supporter experience can help you navigate the pandemic. Watch the webinar here

FACTS Poster



What is the evidence of need for this project? It might seem a good idea to you, but who else have you consulted and what are their views and comments?

If you have any questions or want to know more then please contact us on info@engagerenfrewshire.com


Foundation Scotland - Volant Charitable Trust Open Grants - Re-opens in 1 month 
The Volant Trust’s aim is to support women, children and young people who are at risk and facing social deprivation. It supports Scottish charities and projects, whether national or community-based, which help alleviate social deprivation, particularly supporting women, children and young people at risk. Projects must demonstrate a strong focus on supporting women and children affected by hardship or disadvantage and on tackling the issues they face in order to make a lasting difference to their lives and life chances. Next deadline: 30th April 2021


Online Events

Saltire Awards Website Training - This digital training is an introductory session to the updated Saltire Awards website. This session is open to those currently using the website, those who have utilised the Saltire Awards previously but are unsure of the new functions, and those looking to utilising Saltire Awards as a means recognition and reward for youth volunteering. 10am on 29 January 

Scottish Recovery Network - Meaningful connections: delivering peer support remotely. The event will build on the launch of our recent research report ‘Meaningful Connections; how peer support in Scotland adapted to a digital world during Covid-19’. - 20 January



The Covid-19 Analytical Hub within the Scottish Government has launched a short online survey for members of the public. This is to understand the practical and emotional challenges that can impact people’s ability to follow the restrictions and guidance that are in place to reduce the transmission of the virus and protect ourselves and each other. Information from this research will help policymakers better understand these issues and consider how best to continue supporting people in Scotland to stay safe.
The survey is available online at: https://consult.gov.scot/covid-19/potential-barriers-to-adherence-with-restrictions. It will close on 18 December.


Nominations for Provosts Community Awards 2021

You can nominate in any of these categories:

  • Community Volunteer
  • Community Group
  • Sporting Achievement
  • Employee of the Year
  • Carers Award
  • Arts and Culture Award
  • Ingenuity in Business Award (NEW for 2021)

Nominations are being accepted until Friday 29 January 2021.


The Carnegie Trust - The courage to be kind: Reflecting on the role of kindness in the healthcare response to COVID-19

The Carnegie UK Trust is pleased to publish The courage to be kind: Reflecting on the role of kindness in the healthcare response to COVID-19, a report that draws on a number of personal experiences of working in the NHS in Scotland during the pandemic, and considers what these might mean for health and social care renewal.

At the start of 2020 there was a gathering momentum to conversations about the role of kindness and compassion in health and social care in Scotland. When COVID-19 happened, the healthcare system entered a period of rapid transformation in which many of the previously insurmountable ‘barriers’ to kindness appeared to fall away. In this context, it felt important to capture what was happening.

The courage to be kind draws on a series of reflective conversations, conducted between April and September 2020 with five medics working in different parts of NHS Scotland. The conversations reflected on what can be achieved when there is a common purpose, and when work is underpinned by relationships and collaboration. But alongside the opportunities presented by changes in practice and a renewed focus on wellbeing, there was concern that these may be lost amidst a focus on remobilising and ‘getting back to normal’.

The voices in this report offer a particular perspective. But the depth of reflection, and the clear message about the need to ease some of the pressure in the system in order to ensure the wellbeing of staff and patients is one that resonates with many other conversations and is relevant and urgent right across the health service.

At the end of a year that has demanded so much from our health service, we hope that this report adds to our collective understanding of the impact of COVID-19. As we look to develop this work, we would really value your thoughts and reflections, which you can share with ben.thurman@carnegieuk.org or by joining the debate on twitter @CarnegieUKTrust.

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