Engage Daily Update - 06 September
Engage Daily Update - 06 September

Engage Daily Update - 06 September


Surf Awards 2021


The SURF Awards are widely recognised as the most prestigious in the field of Scottish community regeneration.

The SURF Awards are delivered each year by SURF, a regeneration forum with over 300 cross-sector member organisations across Scotland, in partnership with the Scottish Government. The purpose is to highlight, celebrate and share the achievements of initiatives that address physical, social and economic challenges in communities across Scotland.

So if you know of or work with a great project or you think the area that you live/work in is worthy of the 'Most Improved Place' title then put them forward for an Award! It is a straightforward application form!

Information and application materials are available on the SURF website at: https://www.surf.scot/surf-awards/


Support for Organisations

Live Webinars from HMRC

Statutory Maternity and Paternity Pay: This webinar covers the conditions your employee needs to meet, how much they’re entitled to, claiming back some or all of what you pay and record keeping.

Register here

Statutory Sick Pay: We look at who qualifies, how to calculate Statutory Sick Pay and when to pay it. We also explain what qualifying days and linking periods are and highlight some of the differences when employees are sick or self-isolating because of coronavirus.

Register here

Also see the online guide to Statutory Sick Pay 


Online Events

Renfrewshire Money and Benefits info session: how to help those you work with
October 4-10 is Challenge Poverty Week 2021 and in Renfrewshire we're working together to ensure that benefits and money advice for people in vulnerable situations is the very best it can.
Join us on Thursday 30 September at 10am-10.55am for a cross sector event aimed at anyone working or volunteering with people who need support with benefits and money management.
We'll be providing an overview of the benefits and grants available to families with dependent children living in Scotland. We'll also be discussing local credit options, and how asking the right questions can help reduce the stigma of poverty.
Participants will learn what is available in terms of benefits and credit, how to gather information sensitively and effectively, and where to go for further information on these and other financial matters.
This event is a collaborative effort by Renfrewshire Council, Renfrewshire HSCP and Engage. Book here https://tinyurl.com/95zaer73 for this MS Teams event, and a link will be emailed to you on Wednesday 29 September. For further info email your question to info@engagerenfrewshire.com

LAST CHANCE Legal Structures Explained 7th Sept

Not sure about what legal structure best suits your business idea? 

This legal structures explained workshop followed by a 1:1 support session will highlight several of the key legal matters many social enterprises will require prior to and during start up. From which legal structure to adopt, to licences, insurances, employing people, etc., this introduction will help you prioritise your legal requirements.

Book your place and 1:1 time slot now by emailing Iain Cunningham 



Connecting Scotland has announced the reopening of phase 3
Connecting Scotland provides devices, data, training and support to users who are low income, digitally excluded and seeking employment. Previous applications have been open to those who are low income, digitally excluded and either shielding from Covid-19, families with children, young care leavers, the elderly and those with disabilities. To date the Connecting Scotland has provided over 40,000 devices to over 1,500 organisations across Scotland. Applications for the programme are done at an organisational level and run from 30 August to 27 September 5pm. For more information and a detailed look at eligibility and organisation requirements visit https://connecting.scot

Anti stigma programme small bids fund on behalf of the NHS Greater Glasgow an Clyde Health Minds Network
The NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Healthy Minds Network have a membership that includes a wide range of partners across Statutory and Third sectors, and is supported by the Mental Health Improvement Team. The Network would like to invite creative bids from organisations to help address some of the issues that surround mental health stigma and discrimination.
The themes of interest and types of approaches that we have received in the past are provided here. Please note, this list is not exhaustive and we welcome other approaches that are not included. We particularly encourage bids that demonstrate innovative thinking.
To support anyone interested in applying we will be holding an online Q&A before the submission is due. The Q&A will be facilitated by the Mental Health Improvement Team at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and will run from 12.30 – 2.00 pm on Tuesday 21st September, 2021 via MS Teams. It will be available to anyone who is interested in submitting an application. During the Q&A, we will provide an overview of what we are looking for, and provide a space to answer any questions ahead of the full submission. To join the session, please email the Mental Health Improvement team on ggc.mhead@ggc.scot.nhs.uk.
The closing date for applications to the ASP fund is noon Friday 8 October 2021.

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