Engage Daily Update - 01 March
Engage Daily Update - 01 March

Engage Daily Update - 01 March


Support for Individuals

MS Wellbeing Hub 


Support for Organisations

Keep Safe Awareness Day - 04 March 2021 - Partner ToolKit



Applications Invited for UK Local Environmental Initiatives Fund - Applications are being accepted by a national fund that seeks to enable the delivery of green projects and environmental initiatives by local organisations.


Funder of the Week

Funder of the week is The Allen Lane Foundation.
The Allen Lane Foundation is a grant-making trust which was established in 1966.  His family are involved in the running of the trust – two of his granddaughters are Trustees.

They award funding for charitable purposes across the UK.  Our focus is on funding ‘unpopular causes’ and we currently make grants towards seven specific beneficiary groups.   In January 2019 we launched a new funding programme – Social Cohesion.  More details can be found here.
The overall aims are to: make a lasting difference to people’s lives; reduce isolation, stigma and discrimination; and to encourage or enable unpopular groups to share in the life of the whole community.

They aim to fund: 

Applications received from now, until the early part of April, will be considered in the round leading up to our June 2021 meeting. 
Please apply as soon as you are ready – we process applications all the time.  
For more information on the funder please go to:- https://allenlane.org.uk/


Parent Club Wellbeing for Wee Ones Campaign

The Wellbeing for Wee Ones campaign looks to looks to reassure parents that the natural interactions they already have with their babies are having a huge impact on their emotional and social wellbeing, both now and in the future. The campaign also shows that interacting with babies from the moment they’re born is important for their child’s brain development.

The Wellbeing for Wee Ones campaign was developed in consultation with key stakeholders and parents to make sure messaging was as widely accessible as possible. The strategy and creative highlight the importance for parents to interact with their infant in a way that promotes their infant’s wellbeing (mental health) and demonstrates simple, effective behaviours that parents can adopt as part of their everyday life.

Wellbeing for wee ones | Parent Club

Stakeholder Toolkit - Parent Club Wellbeing for Wee Ones 

Parent Club - Wellbeing for Wee Ones - Practitioners Summary


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