Engage Daily Update - 01 July
Engage Daily Update - 01 July

Engage Daily Update - 01 July


Our Volunteer Development Officer Alice is on hand every Thursday to answer any questions you may have about volunteering.

Starting or expanding a volunteer programme and looking for some guidance? Considering pursuing Volunteer Friendly Award status? Want to know how best to support young people in to volunteering and gaining Saltire Awards?

Jump on to our Zoom any Thursday between 1:30pm and 2:30pm and Alice will be there to chat!

Support for Individuals

Well Being Services: provides a range of parenthood and mental health self help resources

Young Minds: Supporting Infant Mental Health (babies and under 5’s)


Support  for Organisations

GCVS Weekly Update - 30 June

SCVO Digital Update



Enterprise Development Programme - Funding for environmental not for profit voluntary or community organisations

Henry Duncan Grants
This year’s Henry Duncan Grants will fund community-based support for mental health and wellbeing. Around one in three people in Scotland are estimated to experience mental ill health in any year. The impacts aren’t spread equally across the population, with adults living in areas of poverty approximately twice as likely to have common mental health problems. It seems likely that the health, economic and social impacts of the coronavirus pandemic will increase people’s need for support with mental health and wellbeing.


Funder of the Week

The Woodward Charitable Trust 

What types of organisations are eligible to apply?

We do not fund voluntary community groups, constituted groups/forums, hospices, gyms, sports centres, nurseries, or ‘not-for-profit’ companies, or individuals in any capacity, even if the work being undertaken is charitable.

If you want to apply for a grant this will need to be done via a UK registered charity, or one of the eligible organisation types listed above.

My organisation is a branch of a larger organisation, are we eligible to apply?

We will not consider funding charitable branches of larger organisations if the parent organisation’s income exceeds £1 million. If you are a subsidiary of a larger organisation you will need to be independently registered with the Charity Commission or Companies House. We will also not fund branches where the majority of their income is provided by a national organisation.  

My organisation is new, and we do not have any accounts, are we still eligible to apply?

Yes, please indicate this clearly on your application and submit a copy of your projected budget forecast instead of historic accounts. If you have recently changed your status, for example from a CIC to a charity, then please include the accounts from your previous organisation.

The income or expenditure of my charity was greater than £200,000 in the last financial year, can I still apply?

The Trustees have reduced the maximum income level for organisations applying for funding to under £200,000 per year, this is again in order to maximise the benefit of the size of grant that we make. If your income exceeded this amount for one year, for example due to a capital appeal or a particularly large donation or legacy then please let us know this and you can still be considered. However, if this was not an exceptional event then I’m afraid you will not be eligible.

What types of work are considered ‘core costs’?

Core costs would include staff salaries, rent, utilities, general office costs, accountancy and audit costs, fundraising, governance and compliance and costs supporting the core programmes of the organisation.


If my organisation has recently been awarded a grant, can I apply for the next general grant round?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for a grant for up to three years in a row, or three times within a five year period. If you have reached this, then we ask you to wait for two years before reapplying.

Wondering who they have awarded funding to already? Then follow this link to a list of all those who have been successful over the last few months.  http://woodwardcharitabletrust.org.uk/recent-awards/


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